Imagine one day you are taking your kid to play in the park and you are a Dodge Ram driver. Yeah, you own a lifted Dodge Ram with nice rims and you really love your truck. While you are sitting on the bench in the park, all of a sudden a coupe Hyundai I30 is passing with 60 mph in the park.
After that moment in the park raises chaos, the kids are running, the parents are yelling move there and there… Your view is stuck on your kid and you notice that it is on save, but you also notice that dozens of kids are still running from side to side while the Hyundai is raging in the park.
To be even more interesting, you see that the car is driven by a 14 year old kid, probably stolen from his grandpa. What an absurd situation!
Few moments after while the chaos is still present in the park the police is coming on the scene. Even they cannot manage to stop the stubborn kid who is playing with his life and the lives of others. From this moment the hero Ram driver is awakening inside you and you decide to end this dangerous situations.
You jump in your truck and on the next turn you block the Hyundai path and it crashes in you.
This is a good story but it’s exactly the same one which happened in the video below, a hero Ram driver decided to end the chaos in the park. From the police report we can see that none of the drivers were injured in the crash and the whole situation ended without other victims.
Watch out where you keep your car keys because the kids don’t think twice

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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

More 50 and 60’s Car parts stored inside for sale ...

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Muscle Car Fan

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What's the price on the 68 olds

Willis Dennis Check out the air cleaner

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Muscle Car Fan

Anyone know what this bumper guard fits? ...

Anyone know what this bumper guard fits?Image attachmentImage attachment

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Still have not tracked down the car it goes to

Kind of look like they'd go on the back of a mid to later 70s Dodge Diplomat.

Close No cut out on these for the bumper like this one has

Most of the fords had a flat rubber strip?? I’m thinking mopar , satellite or cuda class

First thought, but naw...

71 Plymouth satellite.

A early 70s model. Maybe a ford maverick or a Plymouth duster? Hard to tell

Ford Pinto maybe. Though those old Challengers had similar guards like that.

On the car, am sure of it.

Who cares , ruler is a keeper though . Vote RED across the board .

a car

Ford 250 pickup push guard

1949 ford 2 door coupe

Keep it chunk the ruler!! Blue all ready!!

Could be a vw bug 60s 70s

70s VW Beetle??

Looks like it's for an early squarebody gm truck

How about a Dodge Dart?

1978 Ford LTD

I got it a car right

No markings on it anywhere?

Camero split bumper


Can we not do car stuff w/o the political stuff?

Square body's had those too

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Muscle Car Fan

Barn Find Backhoe extracts 1967 Cutlass 442? 35 years resting ...

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I have a 38 chevy sedan, ready to restore.

This great car must be restored.

Beautiful cars!

I would like to see the car after it's been restored

Looks like the 330 ci motor as well and not the 400.

Awesome car

In its DAY WOW !!

I would already be pressure washing it

I just don’t understand people like this. WHY DIDNT THEY COVER IT UP!!!! Good grief!!!

Supreme with factory Spanish red paint.


They got it running and driving

VIN and Title check in order Something smells fishy

Is it for sale

Dirty sweet !

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Muscle Car Fan

1952 olds super 88 convertible awesome car ...

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Oldsmobile one of the most reliable cars made. Even into the 90s. I still see the 95/96 Cutlass everywhere.

They were the first muscle cars started in 1949 for olds they were fast.

Nice car.pretty

Nice ride

I love that ‘88!

Omar Felhi Old is gold😌

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