Guy Blows Up His Friend’s LT1 Camaro In Front Of Police Station!

It’s one thing to blow up your own vehicle, but blowing up your friend’s? That hurts lol! Imagine letting your buddy take your car out for a spin, and getting it back with a locked up engine.

That would really put two car guy’s friendships to the test.

And good news is it looked like everyone was having a damn good time before the engine went.

Sometimes blowing up engines is worth an entertainment for everyone after all! What would you do if you owned this Camaro?

3 thoughts on “Guy Blows Up His Friend’s LT1 Camaro In Front Of Police Station!”

  1. It was a POS to begin with she have rest of the alternator was the car looks like it was on the water. And they should call themselves lucky as well. That the cops did not go over and Measure tire marks and ticket them. Dum fucks

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