General Lee vs. Starsky & Hutch

96 thoughts on “General Lee vs. Starsky & Hutch”

  1. General. DoH was arguably my favorite show as a kid when it was on. S&H were a few years before my time.

  2. The charger of course, the uuuugglly Torino isn’t even in the same class, but if I had a orange general Lee very soon it would be painted, and not a general Lee, I’m strictly mopar, but you see so many general Lee’s they are like a clowns car !

    1. Interesting point. I was going to say Charger but I’m 50/50 now. Thanks a lot!

  3. Starsky & Hutch. I’m so sick of the General Lee, you see that one all the time

  4. fact: they used 1974-1976 torinos in the show with 351, 360,400,460 cubic inch motors,the 360 motor was beefed up to 435 hp. special rear axel for higher excelleration

    1. You’re partly right. The motion picture cars with Ben Stiller were beefed up. The TV show fords were sheep in wolfs clothing. They dubbed in the sound effects. Most likely stock 351 cars with 2 bbl

  5. fact:they did use 1968 chargers doctored up to look like 1969 chargers.

  6. That’s some serious body role on that Torino, both cars are just to big, I like pony cars!!!!

  7. There is No comparison! The Charger was designed to be a fast car and the Torino was not!

  8. They should have matched the charger with a early model Torino instead of the mid 70s model it’s heavier, less horse power, and not ass streamline, as the 60s model.

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