Deaf Woman Roars with 1/4 MILE TIME 3.58 SECONDS @ 386 MPH

In 1977, Kitty O’Neil, a deaf athlete and drag racer, piloted a hydrogen peroxide powered rocket dragster to a record full 1/4 mile speed. This is an earlier video as she has a record of 412 MPH at 3.22 second 1/4 mile in a Ky Michaelson, Space Age Racing built car.
She also set the woman’s land speed record on Dec., 6th, 1976 with an average speed of 512.710 (and hitting over 618 mph during one of the two passes) in a hydrogen peroxide dragster.
When interviewed she would say about her dangerous occupations, The Fastest Woman on Earth, Deaf athlete Kitty O’Neil[/caption] “My mother pushed me to read but she didn’t push me in sports—I did that myself. Because I was deaf I had a very positive mental attitude. You have to show people you can do anything.”

Video not the best but you will get the idea. Unsanctioned Time on Hydrogen Peroxide power

Kitty O’Neil Stuntwoman

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