Ford Torino Talladega 1969 images

The Talladega version of the Torino are all powered by the 428 Cobra Jet engine and bolted to the C-6 transmission. These special units were produced for a short run and only in 1969. They were built with the intention of making Ford the forerunner in stock car competition. NASCAR homologation rules at the time dictated that there must be a minimum of 500 vehicles produced for sale to the general public. There were 750 produced for certain, but up to 754 Talladega units in all may have left the assembly line, including the one produced for Ford‘s president, Semon Emil “Bunkie” Knudsen.

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MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for the images provided here.

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Some more trivia-the Talladaga may be the only vehicle ever produced with front and rear bumpers that are interchangeable-there are also many other (18 in all?) subtle changes, most for aerodynamics, that make it different from the Torino. It is six inches longer with the added nosecone; this cone is tapered to reduce the drag and grills surface area to name only a couple of the more noticeable alterations.

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