Ford Sets New World Record For Largest Flag Pulled By A Moving Vehicle

Ford has just beaten the record that was set by Chevrolet seven weeks ago. The stunt was for a Guinness World Record named ‘Largest Banner Flown By A Vehicle” and was done on November 19. To qualify, a vehicle will tow a flag or banner and it needs to be completely off the ground. The size of the flag and length off the ground are both factors to be able to set the world record.

Ford just set a new Guinness world record for pulling a massive American flag that is larger than what Chevy used when they set the record a few weeks ago. <br /> <br />

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GeigerCars Lifts the Camaro SS to 621hp for German Drivers

If you live in Germany and you want to drive a new Chevrolet Camaro SS – but the 455hp output of the standard Camaro isn’t enough for your Autobahn cruising needs – the crew at GeigerCars has you covered with their new Supercharged 630 package.

GeigerCars Camaro Supercharged 630

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Behind the Wheel – American Muscle

Whether it’s the memory of fun times in their youth, the thrill of reliving the past or the joy of finally getting to own one of those beasts, a good muscle car can turn heads and reignite passions long since forgotten.

Chevelle 1

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The well-known high-performance car manufacturer Chevrolet showcased its high-performance feature cars before the the end of 2016.

General Motors Quarterly Profits Drop 12 Percent

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Chrysler to stay in Australia

There are no plans to bench the Chrysler brand in Australia, parent company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles insists.

This assurance comes from Steve Zanlunghi, the recently installed local boss of FCA, even though he was given direction to phase out the American nameplate during his previous job as the head of FCA in the United Kingdom.

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