Ford Raptor Slides On Wet Roads And Crashes At Full Speed

We’re all guilty of taking a corner a bit too fast here and there, but it’s one thing to do it in normal conditions in a normal sized car.

Here we can witness how ugly it might get when performed by a 6.000lb Ford F-150 Raptor on wet roads.

The truth is, this truck is too big to be driven like a sports car, especially in less than ideal conditions.

Raptor does a monstrous 200ft lateral slide, before slamming into a brick sign.

181 thoughts on “Ford Raptor Slides On Wet Roads And Crashes At Full Speed”

  1. Definitely not a Raptor though. Maybe if he had some regular wheels and tires, he would have been better off. But still wouldn’t have avoided the spin. You can’t fix stupid…the truck? Maybe.

  2. First of all it’s not a Raptor…. and it’s not a 150 either. More like a lifted 250 with mud tires

  3. Looks like their tires are half a foot out from wheel well, i hate when people put oversized tires on vehicles. Just looks STUPID

    1. Oh, i am a fan of all racing, off road, mud, rock crawling. But !. You have to have it set up RIGHT. You can’t just go get some big ass tires, bolt them on, and call it good.Theres. a lot more to it. Oh i forget, the fender

  4. For one, that’s not a Raptor. Two, it’s going way to damn fast around that turn (obviously).

  5. Not a Ford fan, but that’s not a Raptor. Looks like super duty…..

  6. I think the clown that post Muscle Car Fan don’t know crap, and needs to turn it over to someone that does!

  7. You just like saying “Raptor”, huh….? Big Jurassic Park fan, are ya? Because the Raptors in Jurassic Park have as much in common with a Real Raptor truck, as the one in the video, almost… RaptorRaptorRaptor…yep…yep that’s fun to say

  8. How can “muscle car fan” not know that’s not a Raptor!! I’m not a ford guy and I immediately knew that.

  9. Hey muscle car fan that’s not a raptor lol but good video tho! N the only person that would go that fast around that corner on a wet road in a pickup is someone that can’t drive and doesn’t belong behind the wheel with those decision making skills!

  10. For a car site really dont know much about them.. Doesn’t take a genius to know that’s not a raptor.

  11. Definitely not a muscle car guy driving like that, a man’s got to know his car or trucks limits . What a dumbass !

  12. It was an FX4, but still, you know he regreted the shit out of that. He still so far he had plenty of time to think about how bad he just fucked up lol. Hope that they were alright.

  13. Insurance company’s should stop paying for stupid people actions. Let them pay for their own stupidy…

  14. Who writes this shit? We all subscribe to this stuff because we are all car enthusiasts and we get some 4th grader writing it?? It’s an insult to most of our intelligence.

  15. Just wanted to join in with everyone else and say it’s not a Raptor, just in case someone is hard of reading

  16. good thing the hood didn’t enter the passenger compartment when the hinge broke

  17. Ford = Found On Road Dead …. ford is not what it used to be !!!

  18. All so worried over a stupid truck &no mention of it’s driver other than insults personally I know what a brick wall feels like & the resulting 6 weeks in a comma & I wasn’t going as fast as this person when they crashed happens to even the best Hope they didn’t suffer too much

  19. I think you mean F-250 fx4 with a long bed and some m/t tires that are like high heels on ice when roads are when lol nice try though

  20. So not a Raptor and this video is older than a couple years. Seriously who makes this news.

  21. Fords are not fast enough to lose control. This one must have been pulled by the blue import! Lol

  22. All I get to see is a pop up for Amazon! After three tries I gave up. Screw you and your ads!

  23. You can make them go but you still have to stop. Pick-up trucks are lite in the ass end. You can’t fool physics

  24. Lol nice Raptor lol just a dick in a truck that doesn’t understand a truck is light in the rear

  25. Big wheels remind me of back in the day, where people would buy 50s for their rear tires, and air shocks, then pump the air shocks to the max, so the car sits 8 feet in the rear and 3 feet in the front. Lmao just thinking about it

  26. Barth Newsome says:

    I would like to know what brand of tires are on that truck? I have a 2013 F150 and on several occasions I have had my tires break from the pavement and slip and slide. I have been lucky that I could keep control. I am going to change them as soon as I can save up the cash. I wonder if Ford has had any other complaints about these tires?

  27. That’s definitely not a raptor. Apparently isn’t a truck fan.

  28. Hell they put 20″ tires on everything these days Rob . Raptors cost over $70,000 so I’d how he could afford tires . All I see is no driving skill . He didn’t even try to bring it back around .

  29. That was pretty cool to see. Glad nobody got hurt except feelings. That was closer to 205 feet lol. Oh yea go hawks

  30. Well. Some one forgot they weren’t on the highway anymore moron .!

  31. Hate to say it but he has poor driving skills. He should have been able too recover from that

  32. It’s not a raptor it is a f350 power stroke take a snap shot of the video and see for yourself

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