Ford Gran Torino 1973 images

From 1971 through the Torino is the only intermediate sized Ford, with the intermediate Fairlane now a sub-series of the Torino. All engines have a lower compression ratio to 8.5:1 or lower beginning in ’72 to conform to EPA mandated pollution control requirements. The horsepower ratings from 1972 onward are also changed from an SAE gross horse power rating system to the SAE net BHP rating scale, which also lowers the numbers even further, but this is only a more accurate scale and is no reflection of any drop in power. The base engine is a 250 cu in inline six cylinder and would be coupled to the three speed standard transmission or the Cruise-O-Matic automatic, while the larger engines could also have a four speed standard transmission optioned. The 429 Cobra-Jet power is available, but differs from previous years-it is now a lower reving engine with high torque and will run on regular unleaded gasoline, starting in ’72.


Our thanks to Gateway Classic Cars for these images

Ford Gran Torino 1973 (1) Ford Gran Torino 1973 (2) Ford Gran Torino 1973 (3) Ford Gran Torino 1973 (4) Ford Gran Torino 1973 (5) Ford Gran Torino 1973 (6) Ford Gran Torino 1973 (7)

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8 hours ago

Muscle Car Fan

1969 Almost Perfect GTX ...

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My favorite Mopar

What do I mean almost perfect looks pretty dam sweet from the pictures

the color reminds my of Dads Road Runner

Beautiful car, I use to have a 1969 gtx

I can see what's wrong with it. It's not mine.

I had a ‘68 convertible. Neat cars.

Love that car

So purdy


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2 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

We Ride in a New Fast Tesla ...

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POS has a fireplace on the screen.

My brothers got one.

Where r the engine??

That’s no muscle car that’s a piece of shit

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4 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

1965 CORVAIR MONZA Almost perfect original for sale 50,000 miles. ...

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Road oiler.

Not a muscle car , and lucky it has 50k on the clock...

I bought a 66 Corsa new, 140 hp, 4x1 carb set up, 4 on the floor ! Loved that car!!

Robert Carll

Dad had a 65 Monza that we took fishing a lot. I remember putting some nice fish in that front trunk.

for an instant I thought it was the Chevrolet opala made in Brazil from 1968 to 1992 but the model similar to that would be the model from 1975 to 1979, a beautiful car

Had a 65 monza. Nice cars

Loved those cars! I worked at a service station in those days! You would be surprized how many owners didnt know where the motor was or that it doesnt have antifreeze!

Super clean

Bill Cooper here's you chance to relive the past!

Very nice!

Not a muscle car,do not rewrite history.


Does it leak antifreeze? How’s the water pump?


My 66 monza

I have these

Sweet, send us a picture!

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5 days ago

Muscle Car Fan

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