The G3 Falcon got a redesign for the 1966 model year-not only is the body looking a little more sleek, its sporty now, with a longer hood and shorter rear deck; the frame is based on a shortened version of the mid-sized Fairlane platform. Cosmetic changes are made, although the Falcon retains a similar look and drive chain the end of 1970. There are three 6 cylinder engines, plus three V8,s, but the most powerful for 1969 is the 302 Windsor V8. A factory equipped Falcon will have 9″ drum brakes if it was a six cylinder, while all the V8 units have 10″ drum brakes.

Did you know the Ford Falcon was available as a 1970½  entry level Torino/Fairlane-this lightweight car could have had the 428 Cobra Jet bolted to a four speed manual transmission.

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