Ford’s 50th anniversary is in 1953 and Henry’s grandson, William Clay Ford, is the Indy 500 pace driver this year; he is piloting a Sunliner convertible (with a simulated continental kit hanging off the back). As in previous years, the ‘53 Ford flathead V8 is a top choice for new car buyers and the 239 CID (3.9 L) engine still dependably puts out 110 hp (82kW).  A new attraction this year is that power assisted brakes and power steering are on the options list for the working man’s V8 Ford, trickling down from the more uptown Lincoln and Mercury Divisions. Worth mentioning is an unusual Ford guarantee in 1953; if you take the radio option your Dealer will deliver your vehicle with all the most popular area stations already programed into your radio pre-sets.

239 CID Flathead V8 3 Speed Automatic

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