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For the First-Time Ever the Classic Muscle Car Can Tackle Snow

For the first-time ever, Dodge is reinventing the American muscle car by bringing all-wheel drive to the Challenger.

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11 thoughts on “For the First-Time Ever the Classic Muscle Car Can Tackle Snow”

  1. hmmm…not sure about this one, muscle car = rear wheel drive for me…otherwise, its a jeep which is a fine vehicle, but not a muscle car

    1. Glenn Van Acker says:

      You are right on the money. I have a ’68 Chevelle SS-396, 4 spd. There is complete control with RWD and a total imbalance with FWD. From my first car, a ’56 Ford (3 of ’em) I’ve stayed with RWD. Drove Volvos up to 1992 when they stopped RWD (and stick shift).

  2. Hello, what about a Ken Block’s Ford Mustang ’65 Hoonicorn with AWD and 1400HP? …

    1. I need one of these cars in Michigan!

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