Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like A Superbee

I found some of my old factory posters for the Super Bee which pretty much says it all about these rare Muscle Cars.
The Muscle car versions were from 1968-71 and included engines from the rock solid 383 with 440 Magnum heads and 335 hp to the unbeatable 426 Hemi motor with 425 hp. The 69-70 year added the 390 hp 440 motor.
The 71 added the 340, 275 hp,383 with 300 hp,the 440 with 370 hp & 385 hp and the 426 Hemi at 425 hp.
The Dodge Super Bee Hemi package added 33% to the price of the car and as a result only 125 Hemi versions were sold.
A “6-Pack version (three two-barrel carburetors) sitting on top of the 440 engine was added mid-year 1969, with only1,907 being sold. This version included the 6-pack, Dana 60 axle with a 4:10 gear ratio, heavy duty automatic or 4-speed transmission and a ‘lift off’ flat black scooped hood.
The package was the A12 M-code and also included heavy duty internal parts, black steel rim’s and high performance G-15”tires with 11” drum brakes.
The only one I owned was a white 68 without a drivetrain that I paid $100 for.Traded it for a Mustang that ran.
Tell us what you had or your experience with this fine machine from the Muscle Car Days.If you have pics send them to


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