Dyno Testing a Ford Coyote Engine with Borla Stack Injection

This time I venture out of my garage to watch the pros at Kaase Racing Engines dyne-test a 5.0L Coyote engine on the dyno. Robin Lawrence from Holley handled the tuning chores and together we learned what this engine likes. I had had hoped to show you guys how to read spark plugs but there simply wasn’t time to do that during the test. In the end the engine produces great torque and nearly 500 horsepower!

One thought on “Dyno Testing a Ford Coyote Engine with Borla Stack Injection”

  1. My first thought is “You would think there is a less expensive ways to gain 70 horsepower.”
    $20k is screaming more money than brains. So, why would you do such a thing when either a turbo or supercharger is a fraction of the cost?

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