Douchebag Mustang Owner of the Week

92 thoughts on “Douchebag Mustang Owner of the Week”

  1. Ya happens if Chevy made a car that would actually do this it would be way worse

    1. Dave Alzayer ya that’s what I thought mustang makes the most power for your buck and stupid people do stupid shit not fords fault

    2. Those delicate carbon fiber wheels are $28k….yep, $7000 each. And the rear suspension is IRS and not a solid rear axle.

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    2. Not all mustang owners are idiotic douchebags. That man merely took the power of the vehicle for granted and was being stupid. So don’t go assuming every Mustang is gonna go running towards the nearest crowd 😂😂

  2. Well …..just look at this Pussmuffin…. faggy pink shorts & sandles, what do you expect….lol

  3. WTF? All those pussy fucking snowflakes standing around watching and begging these drivers to smoke ’em, then attack them when a 520hp Shelby does what it’s designed to do.

    God I just want to bitch slap the fag video taping this.

    1. oh yes they are made to run over people you fucking asshole.get your pussy head out of your ass dummy!! by the way STFU!!

    2. Fuck You…. the Mustang has oversteer designed into the suspension unlike those pussy ass front wheel drive Hondas you drive

    3. That was no ordinary Mustang, that was a 2016 IMSA CTSC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP winning Shelby. That means it has one of the best designed suspension in the world.

  4. When something like this happen here in our town we all pitch in our time and tools to help fix it

  5. This kind of thing is par for the course at events like this. People should just learn to use a bit more restraint and not get caught up in the cry of the natives that tends to whip up irresponsible actions.
    One should just be sure to have fabulous insurance if one intends to engage in such tom-foolery. Lmao ⚖

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  7. It’s almost like they’re trying to perpetuate the stereotype…

    Looks like a rental though; gotta be fully insured!

  8. By
    The by u fumble fuck pointiac rules like my goat ran all the Shit stangs over with that 455

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  9. Funny thing is if he wouldnt have lost it they would cheered and egged on the next car


    The Shelby Mustang just won the IMSA CTSC CHAMPIONSHIP. This is the same suspension design that not only beat Porsche but was also in this video you just watched.

  11. Texas Typical
    Texas drivers are the worst in the nation they can’t drive their hand through a wet paper bag

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