In a series of very unfortunate events, a bullet shot randomly into the sky causes an unexpected death.
Gun safety 101 teaches anyone who’s armed not to shoot randomly into the sky. Why?

Here’s a prime example why.

While it is hard to tell the original trajectory of the bullet, it’s obvious the driver didn’t shoot him. He quickly got out of his car to check on the guy. Similarly, within minutes, the victim becomes surrounded by folks wondering what in the world just happened.

Chaos ensues as the crowd hurries to help. Sadly, the man died from the stray bullet.


  1. That’s not true! Myth Busters proved that terminal velocity will not allow an object to fall fast enough to penetrate your skull.

    1. Thats if he got hit in the head could have penetrated between the clavical and took out juglar.

    2. My son had a bullet go thru the roof insulation in attic and thru sheetrock ceiling and stopped on the wild flooring so myth busters was wrong once again

  2. A kid was killed by a falling bullet this year in Ind or ILL and one was killed here in Baton Rouge La on Jul 4 2001. Just ask a roofer what damage falling bullets can do.

  3. 90%of myth busters was bs… And lets think this out shall we,. You can crack your skull from falling on concrete from zero height just falling backwards so your saying a bullet designed to rip through flesh isnt going to pierce you from free fall but they say a penny from the height of the cn tower could cutt right into you… Well any standard issue fire arm is gonna shoot just as high and fall just as fast..

  4. I worked near a neighborhood where people would shoot in the air ever so often. We have come to work to find a bullet in the floor after coming through an insulated roof, and still shatter a thick light fixture.

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Try it with tin foil and coca cola. Use diet Coke so you don't get all sticky and attract ants. Rinse the coke off and rub it with a good wax.

That trick is old as I am LOL

I use that also, but my friend told me about this and for some reason it fills in quite a few of the pits

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I had three Oldsmobiles: 1954 Olds Super 88 with a 324 Rocket engine with a four speed hydramatic transmision; A 1964 Olds 98 with a 394 Rocket engine and a three speed Hydramatic transmission and a 1970 Delta 88 with a 350 Rocket engine and a three speed Hydramatic transmision. I worked for GM Hydramatic (now called Powertrain) for thirty one years and retired from GM in 2006. We had a museum in Hydramatic plant and saw all the Hydramatic transmissions that GM used in their vehicles. We also made transmisions for fifteen foreign makes including Rolls Royce, Ford, Jeep, Checker, Nash, Hudson, Volvo (at one time), Lamburguini, Studebaker, Jaguar and a short list of others. There is now a museum in Ypsilanti Michigan that features some of these vehicles and features the various Hydramatic transmissions that were used in these vehicles.

It can actually go for more than that

That has style, what a car. Love it!


The sheer size of my beloved 55 Olds rocket 88, saved my life from a combined 100 mph head on impact, back in1975

Sweet Ride

What a magnificent car


My grandfather always bought Super 88s. This one's a beauty.

Now cars all look alike and made out of plastic.

God please let me win the lotto so I can buy this car thanks

Clean car

How much does he want for it?

Needs a little motor work but last ride

Let’s see the top operate down and up.

That's my style new paint job bling it up yo

Alan Knott

But need rear fender skirt!

Timing seems a bit off

That's when they built cars. Not a bunch of plastic. Today's cars, one touch of the "bumper" and you end up painting the entire car to match. Very nice Olds. A real car.

Michele Mebane Cohen show lee

Cool convertible. Packed a punch with the Rocket 88

James Dawson

WOW 😮 I’m inlove 😍👌🙏my dream NashALLAH

Definitely a

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