Dodge Viper 2013 we’re back!

After a two year hiatus the Viper is back reincarnated as a luxury equipped sports car. This has not been a holiday the designers, engineers, and the racing team-they have all been hard at work during that time. Gone are the plastic curtains and lack of door handles from the original 1991 edition-they are now lost in distant memories.  The new Viper has come of age; equipped the way you would expect a twenty-first century automobile to be equipped with all the creature comforts needed within easy reach. The Viper comes in two trim levels with a base model and the more uptown GT sport model although there is also the special “launch edition” which features the traditional Viper blue paint with two white lengthwise racing stripes.

Dodge Viper SRT 2013© Swtrekker | – 2013 SRT (Dodge) Viper Photo

The Viper for 2013 was introduced as a SEMA concept car in a coupe style. The car is very well finished with carbon fiber (CF) extensively used; under the huge CF hood a CF cross brace sports the Stryker logo prominently in its center; an aluminum oil filler cap also displays the SRT emblem. The interior is lavish with Katzkin leather trimmed buckets have six point shoulder harnesses –other appointments are finished in black with yellow highlights. There is an aluminum shift handle with the climate controls and bezels also of brushed aluminum. The car is equipped with the Mopar pedal bright pack with the Viper logo imbeded in each one with the polished chrome door step sills also etched with the vehicles moniker in aluminum this time lending a tasteful contrast. The firewall is made of CF and carries a universal quick release camera mounting bracket. This car has the hyper black track pack wheels and also sports an LED fog lamp package

The technical features this year include an 8.4 inch touch screen with a separate 4 inch thin film transistor display which co-ordinates the traction and stability controls. This small screen also displays the track mode and the timer with a built in “stop light”-its mounted side in the instrument cluster. It shows other important vehicle information and also displays operator messages-it is configurable as well. Blue tooth audio streaming is not an option for the Viper-it is basic equipment along with a high quality Alpine surround sound stereo system. So the operator does not have to take his hands off the wheel or eyes off the road or all the necessary controls are redundantly mounted there for easy access; as is the cruise control. The Gamin navigation, Serius satellite, and HD radio are available as optional choices but the HDD is included-it will store music along with photos, a JPEG plug and MP3 insert are also basic equipment.

Dodge Viper SRT 2013 grn© Typhoonski | – Dodge Viper GT3 Photo

The cars  revision started out as a slight tweaking but it turned into a major overhaul with an all new chassis and a weight reduction of around 150 lbs. All the electronics and safety features imaginable are factored in the curb weight of a leaner 3297 lbs. with the track package also included with the figure. The over head valve 8.4 Liter V10 now puts out 640 hp and delivers 600 lb-ft of torque with a top speed of around 205 mph. Also the six speed manual transmission now has a much shorter throw than previous models had.

Whatever version you choose the car will have stability control but the base unit has two settings and the GTS comes with four modes. The option of the track pack will give better stopping power with upgraded Brembo brakes and the Pirelli PZero tires with lower profile 18 inch wheels on the front but very wide 19 inch on the back.

The car is very quiet in the passenger cabin the only road noise you may hear is from the monster tires and the best news of all is you will get your new Viper for under $100,000.00-provided you purchase the base version and there is no tax charged in your place of residence.

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  1. You can have all the horsepower in the world but it wont do any good unless you are able to put that horsepower to the ground . The perfect muscle car should have the perfect balance of horsepower and handling .

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Great discovery work.Now I wish to put it like original mode.

Very cool



you are funny

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62/63 Galaxie 406 Tri power

FE Ford Engine 390, 406, or 427

Look like a old 390 Ford intake

Ford FE engine, 390, 427/8

440 six pack. 1970 Roadrunner. Mopar engine.

Definitely Ford from firing order.

Dodge or Plymouth 340 6 pack set up

390, 406, 427 FE Ford engines

406 Ford Hi-po FE engine.

It’s from a Ford engine the clue is it doesn’t run anymore 😂

Dodge or Plymouth six pack

Tri power ford 390 ,406 or 427

That's got to be out of a 1978 Chevrolet Chevette. The SS with the super double wing and sitten on 28s

2200 Chevy s10 engine

Had a ford firing order on the intake, but the valve cover seat on the intake is throwing me. Special intake for maybe a 351 clevor?

389 Pontiac 64 GTO

Definitely not Dodge it's from a Ford

Has to be Ford cylinder marks show 6-7-8 all on one side.

389 Pontiac tri-power 64-65 gto

Dodge - Plymouth - Chrysler 426 Hemi: the Elephant Engine

Firing order looks like Ford 390/427/428

this intake came off a 406 fe 1962 ford

Briggs and Stratton 5 hp mini bike engine.

Ford only !!!! 352,360,390, 406,403, and 428

Either 389 Pontiac Or Mopar

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Cant beat a Chevy

Love it, in high school I cruised around in a 1933 Chevy pickup my boyfriend had.

It's got radrod potential..

Awesome find!


Great job.Now the reconstruction.


Love it

Sweet find



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