How The Dodge Demon Hits 60 MPH In 2.3 Seconds!

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the world’s fastest quarter mile production car. But how does it do that? How does it hit 1.8 g’s of acceleration when powered by only the rear wheels? Rear wheel drive!? Physics tells us that the maximum force a wheel can apply to the ground is equal to the normal force acting on the tire multiplied by the frictional coefficient of the tire (F=u*N). So the car needs to be able to transfer all the weight to the rear tires, and have super stick tires. This video explains how the vehicle does just that!


38 thoughts on “How The Dodge Demon Hits 60 MPH In 2.3 Seconds!”

  1. Very interesting! Thanks!

    1. That’s the Cobra drag version that’s not street legal. The Challenger Drag Pack the equivalent the the Drag cobra jet is 2.1 and an 8.5 @ 156 mph but is also not street legal the Cobra jet is also 8.50s in the 1/4 mile.

    1. You do know the zl1( Camaro ) runs 9s in the 1/4 with only 650 with a 10 speed auto , now put a turbo or super charger on it and would it shit out anything Fiat , I mean dodge makes

    2. tony worked on my camaro an impala transmissions, it had to be worked on 2 different times an i told him fix it again tony $$$$$

  2. And it’s the fastest at crashing in a corner I bet dodge won’t warranty the motor when it blows up before 5k miles so I pick the vette throw twin turbos on it smoke that fiat dodge at every aspect at the same or less of the cost

  3. All this comparing of American muscle who cares there all amazing cars. The thing that’s incredible is that this Demon beast machine has a faster 0-60 and quarter mile time then supercars like the Lambo and Ferrari. The Dodge Demon isnt a Vette eater it’s the Lamborghini killer hahahaha. American muscle all day every day. And it still cost half what those cars run.

    1. But nobody gives a fuck about going around corners. Drag Racing is the go to motorsport for professionals and car enthusiasts alike.

  4. They call it a Demon but it looks like a Challenger to me////The Demon was a Fastback Dart Swinger

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A diamond in the rough....

Loved my '72. would'nt stop, would'nt corner, ran like hell !!

71 RoadRunner, last year of the 383. Different grille and side marker lights than 72

Looks like a 72 Plymouth Roadrunner.

1972 or later, look at side marker lights

1972 GTX Roadrunner didn't have the 440

71 Road Runner I know because I have a 72

1971 Plymouth Road Runner

71 Plymouth roadrunner !

71 Plymouth Roadrunner (y)

1959 Nash. Lol just kidding. It's a 1971 Roadrunner

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner.

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

1973 Plymouth road runner

Kinda brings back memories

Road runner, GTX, Satellite

1948 Tucker Torpedo.

1970 or 71 Plymouth GTX I'm guessing

Nope 72 roadrunner

71 Roadrunner

72 I believe.

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

71 roadrunner

71 Roadrunner

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