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Distinctive muscle car stolen in Dunedin

Police are searching for an American muscle car that was stolen from central Dunedin on Thursday night.

The burgundy 1976 Ford Torino saloon was parked in High St when it was stolen, Acting Senior Sergeant Phill Hamlin said.

The owner parked his vehicle near the Dunedin District Court about 10.30pm.

After visiting a nearby address he returned…

Full article: https://goo.gl/6rqdPw


One thought on “Distinctive muscle car stolen in Dunedin”

  1. James E Jimerson says:

    One of those iconic rides I’ve always wanted but never got the chance to drive much less own.

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1969 the best, a 68 will do!

Eh I'm more of those gpu but the car is good also

I don't even know what the first pic is;)

Always loved the GTX..

Read um and Weep, my kind will rock you to sleep!

1969 best car I ever had

Yup mine too!!😀


69 for me, maybe a 68. 70 nope.

Amen brother

Close enough


W Elijah Porter

Josh Towe

Anthony Simonson

Lachlan Brooks

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