Compare 2017 Chevy Camaro vs 2017 Ford Mustang (Commercial)

Thinking about buying a 2017 Chevy Camaro? Consider the 2017 Ford Mustang, the number one sports car over the last 50 years, the 5 year Kelley Blue Book cost to own award winner, and much more. Become a part of America’s best selling brand with the Mustang.

16 thoughts on “Compare 2017 Chevy Camaro vs 2017 Ford Mustang (Commercial)”

  1. Hmmmmm a couple years ago the Camaro outsold the Mustang in the USA so what’s this 50 straight years BS ( not to mention the late 70’s early 80s although not “banner years for either car). The new Mustang is a good looking car and the 302 is a screaming demon engine but what’s with the switch where the “Stang” now outweighsthe Camaro?

  2. Called the mustang a “sports car”. I guess it’s now officially out of the muscle car category.

  3. Would take a mustang over a Camaro any day but that why they make them to give you a choice over all I love American muscle all three brands kick ass…….

  4. Not bashing Ford, but they sure have a problem keeping the orange Check Engine lights off and the most critical recalls of any manufacturer. Yes they run like scared apes when they run! How’d I know, owned and driven many, Chrysler maybe the fastest- transmission failures. Ford-already posted, GM most dependable. Now you all have something to ponder and bitch about. All cars are a PITA at some point!

  5. Ford need to work on marketing

    You need to own a Mustang
    to kno what its about
    if you dont love your Mustang
    well you just driving just a car

    good luck n enjoy

  6. I wouldn’t touch a Mustang with a ten-foot pole drove one what a piece of s***. Uncomfortable had no traction. Also drove the Dodge Challenger and the Camaro was looking for a sports car. And 50 years number one sports car don’t buy it I think your facts are a little off.

  7. I don’t get the Deciding between A Mustang And a Camero? Real Muscle car guys made there choice decades ago!

  8. Camaro was sleeping for years . Their not into racing . One love…..Team Mustang

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