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What Color To Paint it? Army Serviceman Buys 71 Charger To Put 572 Hemi In

So, when  stationed in Kuwait, Army Serviceman and Aircraft mechanic TRG  started to look for a project car to work on when he got back to the states. He bought this 1971 Charger online from the original owner in Burleson Tx and  and picked it up last just last month. As an aircraft mechanic in the Army he wanted to put his skills to use on this rust free Charger.

With plans of putting a 572 Street  Hemi with 801 Dyno HP, 5 or 6 speed manual trans, Dana Posi and all leather interior, the question remains about the paint job after he media blast and undercoats the entire car.

So the question is… factory look keeping the chrome and paint  yellow or  go another way, since the car is not going to be factory original at all.

Maybe restomod and paint flat black paint w/jet black stripes and a red outline.

Please post pics, suggestions and tips  if you want, and thanks for the help!

Paint this car
What Color to Paint 71 Charger

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