Classic Muscle Car Enthusiast on A Budget; Here Are the Most Affordable Options for You!

As a classic muscle car enthusiast, it can be frustrating trying to own your dream car while on a tight budget. However, maybe the problem is that you are looking for in the wrong places. Here are some of the best drivable, interesting and more importantly, affordable classic muscle cars.

1970-1971 Ford Torino GT and Mercury Cyclone GT

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The redesigning of Ford’s mid-size cars in 1970 did not get the response they were hoping. Experts claim that maybe they spent more time in NASCAR promoting the 69 model thus neglecting the newer model. However, the ’70 and ’71 models clearly had better interior and power; packing an impressive 250-hp, 351-cubic-inch (5.8 Litre) V-8 Engine.

1969 Pontiac GTO and 1973-76 Pontiac Trans Am

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Featuring a colonnade style body, these mid-size cars were the last traditional mid-size GTO. Most of the builds packed a 230-hp, 400-cubic inch 6.6L V-8 with an optional 7.5L. However the squishy-nosed Grand Am became more popular, offering a sedan and coupe variation at a fair price.

1978 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 WS6

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Late 70’s saw the influx of Trans Am prices though the less flashy Formula lagged behind. However, in 1978, the Formula introduced a 220-hp true Pontiac 400 6.6L V-8 model. Additionally, the WS6 handling package with four-wheel disc brakes and the stunning snowflake along wheels set it apart as a flashy yet affordable option.

10 thoughts on “Classic Muscle Car Enthusiast on A Budget; Here Are the Most Affordable Options for You!”

  1. To bad every car you just listed are some of the more expensive models out there for sale…

  2. and then there are those of us who are lucky. in 1983, my dad asked me if i wanted to do something with my mother’s 67 camaro since i was in the parts business. the rest is history; i still have it.

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1 day ago

Muscle Car Fan

1931 Ford Model A for sale $11,200 almost perfect survivor ...

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I have a 1929 Model A, It's a fun car and easy to work on.

I love it ! God !

I love old cars from 1920 to 1939

What a beauty !

It looks like the one we had but it has Michigan tags

Spectacular, splendid and so so special🙀❤️👍

I'm interested in buying

Where is the car located?

Rob Spencer Pamela Saranpaa Martin Saranpaa Marc Chartrand Nic Raby

Who is the seller?

Check this out Mary Starnes

Roberto Gallegos Trama

Me: "Nice, a piece of history!" Also Me: *chanting* "Chop it, Chop it, Chop it!"

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Muscle Car Fan

Friend searching for a 66-67 set of Chevelle Doors and a Trunk lid Contact Pat ...

Friend searching for a 66-67 set of Chevelle Doors and a Trunk lid Contact Pat

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Why do people keep putting mopars down the best of the best

Jack the radiator cap up n drive a dodge under it..fixed..

I know where there is an SS for sale asking 8500 needs restoring ?

Make your own...


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3 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

These guys haul anything. Friends of mine I have known for 10+ years ...

4 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

How NOT to load a classic car with a 3 on the tree. Recent car hauler experience caught on camera. ...

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Why didn't the guy drive it up there for him since the hauler could NOT and save a clutch and battery

Come on people send somebody that can drive a stick hard to watch

I would have but then that puts the liability on me I could’ve drove it up there in 30 seconds. We didn’t hire the car hauler. And I stated several times even to the dispatcher send me someone that can drive a clutch three on the tree. And of course they didn’t

If you know of a good car hauler or car haulers that aren’t brokers please let me know

Jesus christ. I can't watch it any more. That dipity doo dah needs to get out and let them drive it up

Must have been a new clutch as it still drives good

I’ll be moving to Kankakee in a month or so, shoot me your info please?

Wow not good! Lol

Get in it and drive it for him dam it !

first gear would work!!!!!!!

Grown ass man couldn't drive a manual

Ugh, painful to watch 🥺

Thomas Photsios

Nancy Hillewaere Crittenden 😫

Way to watch him toast the clutch?????

I took a video of this one because the last one which was a 61 Catalina 389 three on the tree the idiot driver wouldn’t take it out of third gear. I wasn’t there to stop him. And of course he burned up the clutch

Back and down . IDIOT.!!!!


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4 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

Any ideas of the make and model car? ...

Any ideas of the make and model car?

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Definitely from Pontiac I'd say 58 to 63

This speedometer assembly belongs to a 1961 Chevy coupe or sedan, Maybe a Biscayne or Impala, be-lair🚦

Looks like 60 Pontiac. Seem to recall my uncles Pontiac had that.

Early 60,s ford,to small for galaxy, more like comet or falcon

Looks like a early/ mid 60's Ford dash,for a falcon or a Fairlane

60’s Ford Mustang


Love the variety of answers.

Early 60’s molars? DeSotos were wider, Dodge maybe

Cadillac Plymouth ford mustang

50's Mopar...not sure of the make

definitely looks like ford late fifties maybe

Ford fairlane 64 maybe

60’s Corvair Monza

'63 Pontiac tempest

Definitely looks "Ford like"60's era

60’s Ford , I think 🤔!!

Nope! Looks like part of a dash to me! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

68 Ford Mustang

Couldn’t begin to even guess but sure brings back memories

Not sure on the year but i'm going to say american motors

1960 pontiac

I believe it’s a Ford Falcone 62 or 63

65 ford comet

It's American from the Midwest

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