Chevy Monte Carlo Blows The WHEELS OFF On The Drag Strip!

Check out this Chevy Monte Carlo blows the WHEELS OFF on the drag strip just on the start of the race. The main reason for this incident are the oversized wheels attached to this car. I was was really sad to watch how the car launches of the starting line! The wheels stay put after braking almost everything attached to them. The Monte Carlo body was then send flying in to the air separated from the wheels that continue to roll on the track.

We hope the driver of this car will reconsider his wheel & tire selection next time he heads up to the drag strip. Tires with more rubber allows the racing car to have a better traction, hope that will be his next decision. Also, we hope he will get back together this Monte Carlo and we will see him on the track very soon.


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46 thoughts on “Chevy Monte Carlo Blows The WHEELS OFF On The Drag Strip!”

    1. Besides being ugly on the car, when did oversized rims and low profile tires become the choice for the drag strip? Ruined a nice Monte.

  1. When you bring crap that’s not meant to be used the way they were to a “run what you brung” event, you end up looking like an idiot.

  2. Wait you mean a car that was never meant to drag race was damaged at a drag race

  3. Dude gets out of the car and says damn, now I have to go back to work and sell some more drugs to fix this!!!! lol…. Seriously, WRONG wheels for that…

    1. Or dude could just have a regular job and invest his money into his hobby like you invest your money into yours. But hillbilly bigots couldn’t imagine that.

    2. Hillbilly BIGOT??? Hilarious… it was a f-ing joke!!!! BTW, I’m from the Southwest idiot!!!!

  4. Sad part is those piss ugly wheels probably cost more than the whole car.

  5. What does the Amazon reward center have to keep me from reading this article. For the love of all that’s holy, get a damn job. If I want Amazon rewards I’ll contact you.

    1. Muscle Car Fan , if you need post a see 2 ads first than read with out interuptions

  6. They just don’t understand how much rotating mass those big nasty things have, and what they can do to wheel studs, and other parts, like transmissions and rear axle components, no thanks, looking goofy is bad enough, wearing out high dollar parts to look like a pimp is not for me.

  7. That’s what happens when you shear off the lugs , spent too much money on ugly wheels instead of up grading the lugs

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Not a muscle car , and lucky it has 50k on the clock...

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Does it leak antifreeze? How’s the water pump?


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