The G4 Malibu was produced from 1978 thorough ’83 and is the first generation where the Malibu nameplate replaces the retired Chevelle. These new era vehicles are shorter, about 1,000 lbs lighter and more efficient than the previous line up; which all totaled adds up to a little bit boring to a MCF. The entry level engine is a 200 CID-V6, then a 229 CID (3.9 L) V6, and the top of the list is the 305 CID (5.0 L) V8. The transmission offers from the factory include a 3 speed automatic or the choice of a 3 or 4 speed standard.

For muscle it does not get any better than this for a 10 year or more period. The wagon pictured here is powered by the 305 sporting IROC tune port induction and is coupled to a 700R4 automatic transmission

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MCF thanks Gateway Classic Cars for the images provided here.

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