Chevrolet Corvette 1965 images

The G2 Chevrolet Corvette were assembled 1963 to 1967 inclusively and these now take on the name "Stingray". The "Vette” body is subtly more refined this year, the braking has been improved, the smaller engines are all delivering more and the larger 396 is also on the table by mid-year,  putting the Stingray in a class of its own. The 327 is available with a Rochester injection system-which delivers 375 hp, at an added cost of $538.00, but for 50 bucks less you could option the 396 putting out 425 hp. There were only 771 of the fuel injected 327 engines turned out by the factory that year. The low sales mean the Corvette would not have an injected engine on the options list again for another 18 years.

vehicle shown 327 CID V8 4-Speed Manual

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