Carburetor vs Fuel Injection – Summit Racing 101

What is the difference between a carburetor and fuel injection? Listen as Dave guides you through 2 barrel carbs, spread bore carbs, race carbs and compares them to EFI.

39 thoughts on “Carburetor vs Fuel Injection – Summit Racing 101”

  1. Carbs might be old technology, but at least you don’t have to be a computer wiz to make them work!

    1. The computer does that for you. Most EFI setups that you can order are “self tuning” and when you go on a “road trip” and hit the mountains you don’t have to worry about whether the jets, in fact you’ll lose very little power at all. Then again if it’s an original 60s-70 muscle car or close to original theonly way to go is a carb setup.

  2. The EFI’s are much more responsive and are pretty trouble-free once dialed in. I like street rods and muscle cars that are resto-mods both mechanically and also upgraded with safety in mind. That way you have the best of both worlds.

    1. Me to now but it was so much fun back in the day, with the working on and with my 4 barr. holley’s and others.

  3. EFI is nice but if you know how to set up a carburetor properly there’s nothing like it

  4. Yes a friend bought by one in 93 put it on 70 Buick ( my wife’s ) 350 olds thru a adapter plate three days dialing it in ! Needed parts and sent her ! She used words that make people blush !

    1. Never have I driven anything as throttle responsive as the predator ! Two vehicles and 1/4 on the throttle 55 mph ! All throttle ! Takes getting use to drive !

    2. You did not get the pictures sent them a week or so ! Will see if they are still on my phone ! If not I will retake them !

    3. We put it on a 355 Chevy short box truck ! He let his dad drive it ! He bruised his head on back window

  5. for street use I will take that spread bore any day
    no tps or knock sensor or maf. etc etc etc. run sun marvel mystery oil through it every now and then and hook up a water vapor injector and your good

  6. Love a carb, not too pleased with injection. at least you can re-jet a carb, or if need be, rebuild, no prob there!

  7. Nothing like a Holly 850 double pumper, or a 1050 Holly 3 barrel on a big block with solid lifters. I loved the 60’s and 70’s.

  8. Why like them? If you have a budget I can see why you would need one as fuel injection is still thousands.

  9. Well when the fuel pump and new lines and all the stuff on top of the $1000 dollar injection I’ll stick with my 950

  10. Bolt on EFIS are mainly China made, don’t trust them. The original efi are the way to go or aftermarket Japanese performance efis.

  11. Cars need EFI, works so much better, saves alot of headachs but gaines new ones too.

  12. For everyday performance fuel injection is much better. But for frag racing a carb is much better performance.

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