Car vs. Girl Who wins?


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35 minutes ago

Muscle Car Fan

I've had this battle on a 1990 300zx ls swap. ... See MoreSee Less

Ive had this battle on a 1990 300zx ls swap.

16 hours ago

Muscle Car Fan

Show us your Engine!!! Leave them in the comments below ... See MoreSee Less

Show us your Engine!!! Leave them in the comments below


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Never saw a Buick Stage 2. Read that only two were ever made. The Stage 2 option cost as much as the entire Grand Sport car. Of course the Stage 2 sticker for the air cleaner was only a few dollars.

355 in a 1975 Monte Carlo. 400 hp lights up the shift kit pretty good. She goes in for body work and a paint job this December. Getting excited :-)

1990 ford thunderbird ac supercharged 3.8l v6. This is a before photo. Im almost done with the rebuild.

468 Cubic Inches, 514 HP 521 lb ft torque at the flywheel.

My 427 tripower in my 67 ss Camaro straight axel

454 Big Block. Built For Speed and torque.

400 - 72 LeMans Sport Conv with T-41 option ( GTO front end )

455 4 bolt main tri-power. 505HP and 537 Ft Lbs of torque.

Work in progress...75 corvette just bought. Sitting in a garage for seven years

Someone needs to tidy up their plug wires...

Somebody buy this guy some plug wire looms!

3.8 mustang putting a 4.2 f150 intake on it pretty soon this is before

I could be wrong but I thought the stage 2 was the 350 motor...

71 chevelle with 406 small block 4 bolt mains vortec 62 cc heads and flat top pistons and cam.

'77 Camaro, 350ci still have some work to do to it.

1969 327 30 over ported and polished heads with steel crank pink rods

Another ford A'26, with a 355 chevy small block

Is work in progress, 1969 ford F100 with a chevy 454 big block hope we get it done soon

428 Super Cobra Jet. 69 Shelby GT- 500

555 big block

Lookin a bit stock

My 355 cu in my 55 Belair.

For us poor guys!

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