Car Hack: Transform Your Muscle Car’s Headlights from Dull to Sleek

How do you keep your classic muscle car looking bright and sexy? Clean those grimy-looking headlight lenses with a classic staple found in your bathroom! Did you know that ordinary toothpaste is useful for more than just fresh breath and whitening your smile? It can also remove the oxidation on car headlights.

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With just a little elbow grease, you can transform those classic muscle car headlights from dull to sleek when you:

1. Rinse your car’s headlights with water.

2. Apply toothpaste to a cloth.

3. Scrub areas on the headlights that look like they’re peeling. Use pressure and wipe in a circular motion for a few minutes.

4. Rinse the headlight with water to wash away toothpaste residue when finished.

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A tube of toothpaste can cost as little as one dollar and you won’t need much with each application. This inexpensive, simple car hack actually works to spruce up your headlights.

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7 hours ago

Muscle Car Fan

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This great car must be restored.

I just don’t understand people like this. WHY DIDNT THEY COVER IT UP!!!! Good grief!!!

Supreme with factory Spanish red paint.

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Muscle Car Fan

1952 olds super 88 convertible awesome car ...

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They were the first muscle cars started in 1949 for olds they were fast.

Nice car.pretty

I love that ‘88!

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Muscle Car Fan

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Real barn find that needs to be sent to a scrap pile.only thing may be reusable was possible some of the dash but that was very questionable.

Hey the glovebox door looks to be in usable condition.

What condition is the front bumper in

It ain't worth shit

Reminds me of 48 hours


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Muscle Car Fan

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My granddad had a 53 four door. Ordered it in Seattle and picked it up after it came off the factory line. He told me that driving through Wyoming he looked down at the speedometer and it was pegged. Freaked grandma out. An old friend had two 53's. One had the three speed. Oldsmobile had to install the manual transmission because the Hydra-matic plant burned down

A beauty

I have a 38 sedan for sale

Had a 54 holiday coupe. Beautiful car. Ran like crud.

My dad loved the Olds. That was his favorite car to drive.

I love it, love it. We had one from about that time, it was a convertible but I'm not sure of the year...

My dad loved the 98 Old's. And he had many of them over his years of driving. GM cars of the 50's are my favorite cars of that decade.

Jim Brock had a 53 Olds back in the late 50's. Great memories -Thanks, Don.

Would love to take a ride 😊

Robbie is ready to take a ride in his favorite car. Beautiful.

Awesome car, my father had a 4 door, it was a beautiful car

Awesome olds

I got a 1966 Oldsmobile starfire for sale 28k original no rust

sweet car!

Had a 54. Great car.

He said that this is his favorite car. He’s ready to take a ride.

Restoration on this car is over 25 years old

Beautiful old car

I love chrome real chrome like this car has not the plastic chrome the new cars had these days

Our family car when growing up. Learned to drive on it.

sweet ride

Had one, stick shift. Very fast for year.

Beautiful car!

Nice, had a 53 98 with air.

My Dad would have been all over this!! Olds guy!❤️

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Muscle Car Fan

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Jerry D. Gandy

Paul Marcelino

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