Car Falls Off Lift!! Crashes Down Very Funny!!

In this video, you’ll find two Honda Cars which suffered from some minor crash issues after one car falls off the lift and crashes down to the car underneath.

We are not sure what exactly should be blamed in this incident.

According to the video, they left the car on the hydraulic lift overnight due to bad weather and they just were just surprised to see this mess on their shop.

Is the weather that bad that it resulted to this damage or the owners were just careless to leave the car on the hydraulic lift overnight.

What makes it worst, I wonder what how will they explain the dents to the car owner?

13 thoughts on “Car Falls Off Lift!! Crashes Down Very Funny!!”

    1. They brought the second one inside due to bad weather I think. Or at least that’s what we do at the shop I’m at.

  1. Yeah just keep filming, don’t help the other guys move the cars. They got this you just keep on filming.

  2. No doubt…. first of all who was numb skull that put that under there …???

    And did notice it was a good thing he had his white late latex gloves on …. you know

    No figure prints …..lmfao

  3. While the white suv was still up in the air why didn’t they just lower the rack down?? Instead of dropping it like that?? & to the yahoos joking around I wouldn’t be joking around about all the damage you will be paying for to fix both of those cars & im sure you’d all be fired

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