Can You Still Tell The Differences Between Muscle And Pony Cars?

Back in the old days, the term ‘pony car’ was used to describe just about every single good-looking sporty car the masses could generally afford to purchase.
Now, it seems ‘muscle car’ has taken over completely. However, if you go back to the origin of the two monikers, which is what Car Throttle does in this video, you’ll find that they once stood for very different things.


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9 thoughts on “Can You Still Tell The Differences Between Muscle And Pony Cars?”

  1. Mustangs, camaros: pony cars. Larger, intermediate cars like roadrunner, gto, chevelle, 442: those were muscle cars.

  2. these are not any of those just performance cars REAL muscle and pony cars were built in 60s…. any REAL gear head WILL tell u that these modern things are insults to classic muscle cars

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