Cadillac 1954 to 1956 Series 62

The series 62 Cadillac, for 1954, is closer to the ground and sleeker looking than its predecessors. The front fascia sports bullet shaped guards mounted on the inverted gull-wing styled front bumper and the new windshield is a wraparound Eldorado style for all trim levels. The sedans have a unique reveal molding looking like an integral sun visor with a chrome bezel while coupes have a new longer “Florentine” style rear window offering the driver a wider field of vision. All models of the series 62 have a distinctive chromed visor to shield the inset headlights, a full width inlet ventilator cowling across the base of the windshield and jet age dual exhaust pipes exiting though vertical extensions mounted on either side of the all new rear bumper, while the rear fenders have lost the louvers used previously. Standard Cadillac equipment in ’54 includes the four speed “hydra-matic” transmission, automatic windshield washers, 12-volt electrical, a parking brake reminder light and aluminium alloy pistons are now a part of the basic equipment list. Options for the most discerning Cadillac owners include power windows, power seats, power steering and an auto-headlight dimming feature. The luxurious Cadillac is a heavy car and Popular Mechanics rate the ’54 at 0-60 mph (97/km/h) at a little bit sluggish, but very comfortable 17.5 seconds.


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Cosmetic changes in 1955 include a wider space in the grill grid and parking lamps now mounted directly under the headlights. The chromed upper most grill piece, separating the hood and grill, runs into a continuous line, as a body dent guard, down each side, ending to the rear of the doors, in vertical trim piece which accentuates the streamlined body. From a side view, the chromed belt molding/protector with the vertical trim piece look a little like an inverted hockey stick. The ‘54 coupe Florentine style rear window is now a feature point in for the complete Cadillac lineup in ’55 and Cadillac sales are up to record high of 118,190 units this year. Additions to the long list of basic equipment in ’55 include tubeless tires, backup lights and turn signals.


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For 1956 the grill goes a little retro with a finer grid pattered in the grill and the parking lights are moved to the bumpers below the wing guards. The grill would be fitted with a more traditional satin finish or you could option a gold finished version. To be offered alongside the Coupe-de-Ville this year is now the Sedan-de-Ville and is also higher priced, but far more opulently appointed than any other series 62 sedan. The convertible Eldorado is now called the “Biarritz” to keep it separate from the Seville version. Power steering is a standard feature for the 1956 Cadillac and it has a turning radius of 43.5 feet, with a ground clearance of 8.25 inches. There were 41,732 of the two de-Ville variations purchased by discerning buyers in ’56. Popular Mechanics records a more improved 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of 12 seconds flat this year. A well calibrated speedometer is a feature this year and your new Cadillac offers an average of 8.3 miles per gallon of fuel or 3.3 kilometers per liter in a combination of driving conditions. There is another record high sales year with 134,502 units sold in 1956.

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