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Why get the Ultimate Project Car Guide?

Who is going to keep it alive in the next generation? With half a million fans and full multimedia capability, Muscle Car Fan is in a unique position to carry the torch. We serve a mixture of fun content for beginners and expert level content for seasoned veterans. Help support us in our mission to preserve these magnificent machines and the history that makes them so special. There is 200 pages of in-depth insider information on a huge range of topics - here's just a small sample:

  • How do I buy & restore a classic muscle car?
  • Which muscle car should I buy?
  • How do I maintain a classic muscle car?
  • What is like being an owner of a classic?
  • What can go wrong if I don't do my homework?
  • What homework should I do?
  • And much, MUCH more!

Only $7 - 200 Pages

Meet your Talk Show Host, Pat, and your Editor, Ross
Restoration Secrets of Grizzled Veterans

Half a Million Fans!

ATTENTION Muscle Car Enthusiasts:

How to Buy a Muscle Car

We show you what to look for and what questions to ask. We show you the risks and teach you how to avoid them.

How to Maintain a Muscle Car

Doing nothing can be dangerous. Take preventative measures, and your car will age like a fine wine.

How to Own a Muscle Car

We show you the pitfalls, probababilites, and precautions related to owning a classic muscle car.

Which Car to Buy

We provide in-depth coverage of the Top 25 muscle cars to buy. It is a lot easier to create a shiny, roaring, jaw-dropping machine if you buy the right car in the first place.

We've Got the Ultimate Project Car Guide Bundle
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  • Includes the following:

    • The Muscle Car Buyer's Guide
    • Breakdown of the 25 Best Models to Own
    • Maintenance of Classic Muscle Cars
    • Ownership Pitfalls, Precautions, and Probabilities
    • 58 Questions Before Buying (with Answers)
Ready to Get Serious About Owning
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If You Want to FINALLY Own the Perfect Muscle Car... Without All of the Mistakes and Frustrations...
You Need the "Ultimate Project Car Guide!"

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MuscleCarFan.com is the first and only community dedicated to preserving American muscle car history and restoring these magnificent machines.