BMW — The New Six from Bavarian Motor Works, 1969-1976

The BMW made the New Six from 1968 until 1977. As the name implies, they’re all powered by a variant of a BMW inline M30 six-cylinder engine. This luxury sedan helped to establish the company’s reputation in the sporty, luxurious sedan field. The car also appeared in a two-door coupe variation that competed on the racetrack with formidable results.

BMW custom dictates that the vehicle’s name denote engine size; a sedan is E3, with a suffix letter L to indicate a long wheelbase. The coupes are all CS and, if followed by an I, indicated fuel injection or the letter L meant light weight with a more highly powered, fuel-injected engine. The German (European?) designation for brake horsepower was PS, which became obsolete in 1992 and the metric kW (kilowatts) officially replaced it as the legal measurement for horsepower.

BMW New six

© Buschmen | BMW New Six CS 

For 1968, Europe got two models, the basically equipped, lesser-powered 2.5L 2500 and the 2.8L 2800. Both variations appeared in North America one year later, in 1969. The 2800 has the larger engine with a host of uptown features such as the interior fully upholstered in leather, power windows, and power sunroof with an uptown price tag, as well.

An American BMW dealer convinced the company to put the larger engine into the plainer and lighter weight 2500 model to make it appeal to the North American hot rod fans. Enter the roomy Bavaria E3 for 1971 as the answer to his request, but this version wasn’t available to the European market.  The Bavaria replaces the former two models with only the larger 2.8L engine available and a lot shorter options list than the uptown 2800 had. 

The interior features are down-scaled, as well, for a more competitive price, and it’s faster than either model. The U.S. market loved the car; it got rave reviews from the press with adjectives such as “superb” and “delightful” used to describe the Bavaria’s handling and performance. Excellent fuel economy accompanies the great acceleration of the Bavaria with room for five in the cabin and a lot of trunk space, too. This car also had a four-speed manual transmission in most of the units sold and featured fully independent suspension with four-wheel disc brakes as basic equipment. The highly advanced Bavaria or E3 is considered the start of all the modern BMW models in the North American marketplace.

BMW also released in 1971 a duel carburetor 3.0S model with a higher price tag but more power with highly responsive handling  along with the longer wheelbase version, the 3.0L (3.0L-3.3Li).

Models of the E3 Bavaria in 1972 had a larger, 3.0-liter inline six engine, and along with the  3.0S, they complete the BMW sedan lineup for the Americas until 1974. The look changed somewhat in 1974 with the new 5 mph (8 km/h) impact regulations and redesigned bumpers.

Fuel-injected versions made available in 1975 replaced the Zenith twin two-barrel carburetors. That year, the 3.0Si was the high-end model with all the options available in the BMW arsenals. The entry-level model was the E12 530i, and the lineup remained the same through the 1976 model year.

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Muscle Car Fan

1969 Almost Perfect GTX ...

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Start it up...I wanna hear it

Thom Wilkins

It is a Beautiful and awesome car Mopar nose how to build them I had one do wish I had it back

What do I mean almost perfect looks pretty dam sweet from the pictures

My favorite Mopar

the color reminds my of Dads Road Runner

Beautiful car, I use to have a 1969 gtx

This car is beautiful

I can see what's wrong with it. It's not mine.

Not crazy about the ragtop but even has the rally wheels I like that original

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VERY-VERY - VERY- NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I had a ‘68 convertible. Neat cars.


Love that car

So purdy

God !!

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We Ride in a New Fast Tesla ...

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No way in hell do i want a car run by a computer.

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It's not a car, it's a flashlight with 4 wheels...

POS has a fireplace on the screen.

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That’s no muscle car that’s a piece of shit

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1965 CORVAIR MONZA Almost perfect original for sale 50,000 miles. ...

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Road oiler.

Not a muscle car , and lucky it has 50k on the clock...

Ralph Nader car

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I bought a 66 Corsa new, 140 hp, 4x1 carb set up, 4 on the floor ! Loved that car!!

Dad had a 65 Monza that we took fishing a lot. I remember putting some nice fish in that front trunk.

for an instant I thought it was the Chevrolet opala made in Brazil from 1968 to 1992 but the model similar to that would be the model from 1975 to 1979, a beautiful car

Had a 65 monza. Nice cars

Loved those cars! I worked at a service station in those days! You would be surprized how many owners didnt know where the motor was or that it doesnt have antifreeze!

Not a muscle car,do not rewrite history.

Super clean

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Didn’t most of them catch fire ???

Bill Cooper here's you chance to relive the past!

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My 66 monza

I have these

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Muscle Car Fan

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