BARN FIND !! RARE 70 426 Hemi Road Runner – 1 of 44

Video of a very rare 1970 426 Hemi Road Runner that had been sitting since the 70’s. After the car was unearth, it was determined that it was the very 1st Road Runner built in 1970 (vin# 00015), also known as a “Pilot Car”. This rare 426 Hemi Road Runner is 1 of only 44 coupe’s built with a 4 speed transmission.
How much do you think the car is worth????

33 thoughts on “BARN FIND !! RARE 70 426 Hemi Road Runner – 1 of 44”

    1. Terry Williamson, and I was with you when you picked yours up at Gottenborg Chrysler-Plymouth.

  1. Wonderful find if I wasn’t in the middle of another project I shall be wishing I had that one that hemis a little Rich for my blood being all original one day I’ll make a tribute to that very car or at least the thought of doing that project is awesome

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