Angry Driver Runs Over Protesters

At some point, most Americans will crack. The protests, the demonstrations, the riots. It all becomes too much. Blocking the road, chanting “F**k the Police!” and “Shut This Sh*t Down!” It’s offensive, vulgar and accomplishes nothing. Perhaps that’s why this driver snapped.

312 thoughts on “Angry Driver Runs Over Protesters”

  1. They all should run em down, in pack of cars and trucks(big rigs too)that would stop this

  2. They are lucky that it was a small car, I could have been a big 1970 Buick Electra 225 that ran their asses over!

  3. Hell yea I was in fear of my life…you are on a HIGHWAY…you were NOT TRYING G to cross & you have falsely have be blocked in!!! Time to leave….you do not have the right to stop me!!!

  4. I would consider any mob trying to stop me on a highway to be an attempted car jacking , I would take appropriate action to protect my self and move forward at a rapid pace .

    1. I would fear for my life and just floor it to escape. If I should happen to run over a few potential muggers so be it.

    2. Mark Tersa Herzog , how does one determine whether a gang is a gang of murderous thugs or a gang of protesting thugs , they look so similar ?

  5. If I driving and am attacked I will do what I have to do to survive and I will not lose any sleep over it.

  6. These lawless trash protesters need to be cleared out by the National Guard. Kill any resistance.

  7. Should have backed up and got a couple more
    I’m still waiting to run into them when I’m driving a semi.

    1. I’ve already seen a video of a semi doing this, driving through a protest group at the gates of a slaughter house, the driver went right through the big crowd, don’t know how many were run over

  8. Good
    Get their ass out of the road
    He stopped
    They walked up to his car put their hands on his property
    Run over theiir ass

    1. Yes, because your property is worth more than a human life.

      You are a disgusting human being.

  9. If they would get a damn job they wouldn’t have time to protest. Tuff shit you play in the road you get run over. They got what they deserved.

  10. Why don’t they do that on interstate just to right and trying to stop a car with your body really

  11. Nobody is hunting them down. If they obeyed the law they wouldn’t have any contact with them. It took me awhile figure that out it’s time all these thugs did too.

  12. OMG that is funny. Why didn’t more drivers do it? It’s not illegal to run them over. LMAO

  13. Yea the system say stop robbing shooting and follow the police’s orders and stay the fuck out of the highway because I will take that as a hostil act and run your stupid ass over, you fuckers want to learn about the law of tonage try stopping me in my vehicle

    1. Up on the hill laughing their ass off…

  14. I love the sounds of broken bones and and heads smacking the road. Fucking idiots. Get in my way I’m going Mad Max and try to hit all of them.

  15. that’s what your dumbass unorganized half baked bullshit asses get when you block traffic and call it a protest

  16. I see nothing wrong.
    These jackasses tried to get in the car.
    I would drive over their asses as well.
    But I would do my hydrostatic on those punk bitches laughing as I bounce away

  17. in fear for my life dang straight i ll run through them….. as fast as i can

  18. Electrify your car… instead of a bug zapper it’s a turd repeller.

  19. Lmao didn’t take long for them two to jump off the road and down hill they go

  20. Two words spring to mind. ‘Reginald Denny’. Never stop and never get out.

  21. I have no sympathy for somebody who gets ran over blocking traffic like that more people needs to hit the gas

  22. Even my 2 year old knows to stay out of the road so he doesn’t get run over.

  23. That’s called being obstructive instead of productive. I bet they went right back home and logged into fb to read some more lies. That’s their lives….fb.

  24. WOW…..these comments. Really??? I’m a car fanatic, but have the decency to know that my car can be replaced, but not a life. I’d take the time to call the appropriate authorities and make them pay for the damage….but to maim or kill someone for exercising their amendment right….naw.

    1. So put yourself in this situation… this Mob going to rip you out of the car and beat you to death? You don’t know…do you take the chance,.. in light of what these mobs are doing lately that they will not pummel you into unconsciousness or worse!? Do you trust them to stop with trashing your car!? C’mon. All I can say is I hope I am never put in this situation where my well being might be in jeopardy…because if I think it is..they will get run over and yes…I will have to face the legal ramifications. Mobs have no regard for others safety, I will be dammed if I will worry about theirs.

    2. Really you think any one has the right to detain other people and be aggressive towards them and they should sit still and see what happens while they wait on the police. Unbelievable

    3. They have NO “amendment right” to block ANY road. In doing so they are FORCING they’re retarded opinions on others. I prefer not to hear it and move on my way. If people start attacking me I will take appropriate action to defend myself up to and including running them the fuck over.

    4. It’s illegal to be on any interstate much less blocking it, run there ass over, I’m in fear for my life

    5. There is no amendment right for deadly protest and ganging up on cars and blocking traffic. Peaceful protests are protected,these are not.

    6. Pedestrians have right of way over everything but emergency vehicles. If you hit one who is blocking the road, that is battery/asssault at best, manslaughter or 2nd degree murder if they die. So, either wait a few minutes, or an hour, or spend 10-20 years in jail.

      Really, folks, get over yourselves.

    7. Eric Cerevic the next time a gang is beating on your vehicle and threatens to pull you out of it and beat you, just wait around and see if everything turns out OK. Mob mentality can’t be reasoned with – better protect yourself or just bend over and be a punching bag or worse.

    8. That’s where you are WRONG . They don’t have the right to impede traffic
      That is not in the constitution, nor do they have the right to violence . It’s called peacable assembly . You need to READ the constitution before you open your mouth and address a situation you obviously know nothing about

    9. They do not have a right to intimidate and vandalise private property. At that point it is assault and he is defending himself. Fuck em.

    10. Excericing your right does not allow you to infring on can stand on the side all day long but I have a right to get down the road.

    11. This site is supposed to be about the shared appreciation of cars, but there seems to be a lot of stupidity running rampant. So I’ll just humbly bow out by unliking this particular site. Good luck with the ignorance and hate.

  25. That is exactly what should happen and then they should be arrested for blocking the road

  26. That’s what happens when you play in the street….I’m sure your mom told you that….

  27. Last year in Minnesota because of idiots like this two people died because an ambulance could not get through.

  28. It should be legal to mow them over if trying to stop you on public road. You could be in danger if you stop. I will run over them.

  29. Being illegally stop by an angry mob could be dangerous. Sounds like self defense to me

  30. There is a time and place for protesting. Doing it on any hwy or road that isn’t blocked for that purpose, is going to get your a$$ run over. On freeways and hwys should be illegal, 1st amendment or not.

  31. All lives splatter, get your ass off the road! You’re just asking for trouble lol

  32. Them monkeys better hope they don’t ever run across me, my big ass gmc will b put in 4wd and be pedal to the floor

  33. Good for the stupid mf’ers.the rest of the cars should have followed through

  34. They are breaking the law by blocking the road. What did they think would happen at one of these. They are as stupid as the football players.

  35. Good – at least a few of these lunatics won’t be blocking the road for a while.

  36. I will do the same if put in this position.
    It’s called fearing for your life and you do Whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family from this mob!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those people got what they deserved.
    They should also be charged with “mob action” and be prosecuted to the fullest!!!!!!!!

  37. It needs to be a law that if you stand in the road like this it’s a hat crime and they can run you over .

  38. Hahahaha its about time someone done that maybe they will think twice before they do that again

  39. They should stay out of the road to begin with and definitely should not hit someone’s car with a sign or anything else

  40. You get in my way on a highway or road and there will be Afro on my windshield!!!!

  41. I’ll run over your head and record the sound it makes when it pops and post it for the world to hear and see

  42. It’s obvious that the motorist was being threatened. Since we have the right to defend ourselves, “drive defensively.” :D

  43. I don’t care you guys protest, but don’t be dumb and stand in the middle of the road. Don’t expect everyone to stop what they are doing so someone can say something dumb and stop them on their busy day. Really? Protest somewhere else.

  44. I believe if every person in the world took the time and energy that they put in to all of this nonesence and put it into our Lord Jesus then we wouldn’t have this nonsense in the first place you don’t get the Lord in your life and pray about everything this is what happens all I can say is is Lord please straighten all of this stuff out in your precious name I pray

  45. Stand in the middle of the road…get run over! Those idiots should be carrying signs that say “STUPID LIVES SPLATTER”.

  46. Every car there shouldve followed the 1st one & taken out all them dumbasses…

  47. Today’s misguided youth. These people don’t even know what their protesting! They have no direction. They’re angry so they stand in traffic and let cars run over them!

  48. Somebody is going to be killed! If I see a mob of people surround my car, I will floor the throttle and take Off. It’s called self preservation!

  49. Not in the United States ! What are they protesting ! Makes no sense to me ! Would not stand in front of speeding cars for any reason!

  50. thought this page was about muscle cars being a fan of mopar and growing up around a 69 roadrunner with a 383 engine and a 69 GTX with a 440 engine I joined this group but after this slow racism crap show and the post below, I’m leaving fuck you all southern idiots

  51. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt stay off the roads would help from this happening again you think

  52. You’re talking about murdering another human being because they inconvenienced you. What they fuck is wrong with this country

  53. When people say go play on the freeway they don’t care if you live or die.

  54. well you will get run over..not gonna stop me from paying bills motherfucker…

  55. Blocking the road is an act of terrorism you have a right to protect yourself anyway you can. If the terrorist happens to get run over in the process oh well, that’s what they get for terrorising people.

  56. this is not the U.S , you bring some shit from other countries and claim it is happening here, this is stupid journalism buddy

  57. This is when you need a snow plow truck just drop the plows and drive through and plow every one of these dumb fucks off the road if they get hurt to bad for them they should not block traffic and play on roads we are not a loud to drive on the sidewalk they are not aloud to stand on our roads and block us run them down

  58. It’s a protesters fault. There is a statute that signifies impeding traffic as a crime.
    Traffic code: ARS 28-704
    Criminal code: ARS 13-704
    That’s Arizona revised statute.
    So dear protester put that in your coffee and drinking

  59. At least someone had the balls to get those fuckers out of the road …they got what they deserved.

  60. I would have gone first or I would have followed second, if this is what they are after they can have it…

  61. Good , they shouldn’t be impeding traffic. I hope they try that b.s. when I’m in my large car , they will have peterbilt stamped on their forehead

  62. Their parents knew this would happen one day. Constantly telling them to go play in the streets!
    Bet they had life insurance on them too!

  63. Good about time if you block a road in protest . Your ass needs ran over and it needs to be legal !! This has too stop . To protest use the sidewalk , park , a open field. But stay out of the road !!

  64. As soon as that person did that the rest of the traffic should have done the same.

  65. if you think it’s a good thing to run over human beings who are desperate enough to be heard to block a road to get their message across…. I’m sorry, but that one thing makes you human trash to me. you all must be about to bust in your pants now that we have a president who has vowed to defend your ridiculous privilege.

  66. I would be scared to to death seeing a MOB like this. My vehicle is my only protection from their range. I just saw a video of a hate group teaching people how to use ice picks & knives in that kind of gathering. I would run over them before they cuts the tires. They all should be arrested. That is not peaceful protest. That is a violent MOB.

  67. That’s going to leave a mark! Didn’t your mama tell you, don’t play in the street? Guess not.

  68. Tax payer’s pay for the roads most of them don’t work..get the hell out of the roads..get a job

  69. So the person was supposed to sit there and let them damage his car???? I think NOT !!!!! Good job !!!!!

  70. Anytime I see driver runs over protesters, I have to watch it. The protesters just aren’t learning that a 2 ton vehicle will crush you if it runs you over. Don’t count on the drivers compassion to wait until you get off the road because people have things to do. Perhaps they should be out there also working and earning a living instead of standing in the middle of the highway

  71. If they are protesting and blocking the road they need to get there dumb ass.s run over

  72. If they are blocking traffic they are no longer protesters they are terrorists and as I have always said my safety will ALWAYS rule over their stupidity !


  74. Exactly what I or anyone else would do. That could escalate things especially if u have children it’s like holding someone hostage you don’t do that. There is a consequence and there you have it.

  75. Run their stupid asses over. They have no business being on a highway “protesting” in the first place. Highways are meant for vehicles…not morons.

  76. somebody should ask the stupid cops that are out there handing out tickets when in the hell did blocking the interstate became legal.

  77. Should be charged with murder or any crime that happens while stopping traffic and if u get ran over for challenging hundreds of 4000lb death machines, #ifyadontmakeit

  78. The problem with protesters today is they only think about themselves when they protest. What if there were people they were blocking that needed to see a family member in the hospital after work that is dying of cancer. Or a parent that had to pick up their kid at day care. Or someone on the way to the emergency room because they are bleeding from a bad accident. You want to make a statement? Do it without interfering in peoples lives.

  79. Bet every last one called the cops too protesting cops but want them to help when its your ass in trouble counter productive should been at work not playing in the road like you 5 with no sence

  80. I’ve already seen a video of a semi truck driver doing this to get through a protest group that was standing in front of the gates of a slaughter house

  81. Stand in the road and you will get run over look at the trash in the road

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