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900HP 1972 AMC Javelin SST that’s a Daily Driver

We’re looking at a 1972 American Motors Corporation AMC Javelin SST (Super Sport Touring) in Tinting Base White Paint with a 900 HP engine.

The car’s Owner is Mikey V. Mikey has this car since new. He shares his Father worked for American Motors and asked his Son Which car would he want car to drive, a Hornet or a Javelin? Mikey chose the Javelin and this became his car.

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5 thoughts on “900HP 1972 AMC Javelin SST that’s a Daily Driver”

  1. Nicest Javelin that I have seen. i think the body lines of the car are lacking but this one is nice.

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Does anyone remember this? This is the first time they destroyed the icon

Well it looks a lot better than this 1987 version that I owned 1990

I have always said Charger was conceived in 68 and lived up to 70. After those short few years styling went bye bye. Thank goodness they made today’s Challenger look like a 70 model. If a new Charger looked like that 69 model they would sell thousands of them!

Dodge may have missed on the Charger, but, they are on the right track with the 2019 'Cuda.

Dodge screw up with the charger. They should have made it more retro like they did with Challenger.

Scatpack challenger= 475 horsepower rear wheel drive 4 door sedan.... how is that a bad thing? What are Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Chevy, Ford producing?

2016 Charger is still better looking then most imports.

That’s not a 1970 Charger, it’s a 1968 Charger...But your point is still correct

Sometimes there are things so perfect they just can't be remade. The younger generation will never understand the real difference...

The young people today don't really understand what a muscle car was. When I was a teenager you did not drive a 4 door car. Didn't happen. The fox body mustang is a great example of a car ruined. Mustang eventually got it right though. The new chargers are fast. They just aren't a muscle car.

I don't understand they don't like new version but yet still stick those good awful looking big wheels and tires on the old to make them look newer ?

Totally trashed a great body style. At least they got the Challenger right.

We really need a 2-door version again, not a glorified sport sedan!!

No question that the 68-70 is a much cooler car but since Dodge has the Challenger there's no way they'll make another 2 door muscle car and when u get right down to it...the Charger V8 is the coolest 4 door u can get !

Your damn right something, somewhere went terribly, terribly wrong! SOMEBODY put those gay-as-Fuck rims on an AWESOME Ride!

I think Dodge got a little confused personally. If you look at this picture, but instead replace the 2016 Charger with a Challenger, they look more similar than that of their namesakes. They're both decent looking, but if I had a choice and wanted something that actually looked like a muscle car instead of looking like a family car.. I'd pick a Challenger. Make it a hellcat even and then we're really in business. LoL

No comparison. 70 always. New ones should not have the name on it. It's a slap in the face to the name charger...

Used to think the same thing, until I got to drive a new Daytona 392. I’ll take a new one with the Hemi any time.

Still don't get why the new chargers are a four door. The older ones are two doors and wasn't made of plastic

Should have called it the Dodge Monaco!! 4 door mopar from the 70's. Like the new charger, it was used often as a police cruiser. Duh.

The original charger concept looked a lot like the 70 charger. But when Daimler got ahold of Chrysler’s models they didn’t keep it

I'm 66yrs old. I used to love going to the dealerships to drool over the new models. No longer as most of them look alike.

Wonder if it will drag the old one when all the stupid computers go haywire and quit working already seen ones a few years old with electronic gremilins you haft to drag a scanner around with you

So the only difference I see between the two is a set extra of doors and maybe horsepower. But it's still a charger no matter what. Works for me.....

Boy you got that right that is not a charger they never in history made a 4 door in a muscle car the challenger is the only one that even come close to an old classic period

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