These 9 Muscle Cars Are Smart and Powerful Investments

Before the 2008 recession, the muscle car group was accelerating the fastest from nearly every standpoint. Auction companies, TV shows, themed-magazines and more all found wins focusing on good ole American muscle. When the recession stormed in, the collector car market dipped, but no sector was hit as hard as muscle cars. Unit sale prices tumbled, as did the volume of sales. After bottoming out in 2009, the muscle cars have taken the longest to recover, but as late as last year, it seems America’s love affair with high-powered Detroit steel is back.

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5 thoughts on “These 9 Muscle Cars Are Smart and Powerful Investments”

  1. This looks like 1967 to me, not a 1968 that is talked about in the article. 68 had side marker lights. I don’t see any here.

  2. 69 Firebird 400 – picture is a 67

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