’70 Chevelle SS in Jack Reacher

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle in Jack Reacher, 2012— This is a very classic old school ’70 Chevrolet Chevelle SS AA

98 thoughts on “’70 Chevelle SS in Jack Reacher”

  1. don’t worry there are millions of these can see 10 or more at every car show….nothing special …cookie cutter cars

    1. Sounds like a comment made buy the group of guys at the show with cars that get little to no interest….

  2. Stop the destruction of classic cars…Hollywood is responsible for the destruction of so many America Iron icons

    1. It was a numbers matching chevelle a guy from Evans City Pa. built all the cars for the movie.

  3. If you watch the show notice the inspection sticker keeps changing from one month to another and back

    1. Sry but that chevelle was definitely a numbers matching car. The guy that builds most of the cars for the film company in Pittsburgh lives in Evans City pa.

  4. Why do they have to wreck beautiful classics ? Wreck a damned Ford Fusion or something but not an SS Chevelle .

    1. Gary Rodda oh ….. oh so they do have something in common with the conservative Republicans …..nothing matters but dollars

  5. You got jokes ha ha what about the boss mustang in John wick

  6. I think they call it the wrong car because they get a lot more comments that way

  7. Is it a Camaro or Chevelle?
    What year is it? It was hard for me to tell watching the movie.

  8. He needs to go back to Days of Thunder and retrain his driving skills. They didn’t have to smash up the car that way… For the professional he played the part of his driving was juvenile…

    1. You do understand what movies are, right? You grasp what the word “fiction” means, correct?

  9. What gets me is that the guy calls it a camaro in his post but the article says chevelle. So is the guy just that stupid?

  10. I see these classics being destroyed ALL OF THE TIME in these movies and it makes me physically ill. Those guys have no shame!!

  11. My SS originally was red w/ black stripes and a black vinyl top. …… My 396 hasn’t been on the road since 1986. And yes, it does run very well. I go out and start it every 2 months. I’m the 3rd owner since ’86. My farming operation keeps sucking my money up that I keep poking away to have it redone.

  12. I watched the movie filmed in Down Town Pittsburgh, Armstrong Tunnels !!!!!

  13. I loved the movie, but hated seeing a 70 SS Chevelle destroyed. I was told the owner of the Chevelle loaned the car to them and they restored it after the movie filming. That made me feel better

  14. Hey, if the chevelle wants to identify as a a camaro, who are we to say otherwise ?!

  15. It may cost-you but, you can easily bring-it back!(I’ve seen MUCH worse),,,,,,,,,still a damn shame though,

  16. Its a goddam shame to see cars like that get destroyed by hollywood that goes to show you they dont want people like you and me be able to afford them

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No it's not my club has much bigger one

Will someone please make this guy a proper sign board? The card board and marker looks like shit

Looks like an ajax

ive seen bigger on youtube a few times lol

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classic got to love it!

Beautiful car. I’d drive that obviously on nice Sundays. 👍👍

Very nice looking

That was my first car loved it

Beautiful car

Wow love it!


Nice car

Very nice car I wish they would've turn the engine on so we can hear it what's the point of just looking at it

One sweet looking impala

I'm in love with her😍

Very nice/Nice ride too! 😀👍


My first car in 1976

Love the 350......1977 Suburban…….Chased a VW Rabbit down the autobahn in Germany.....LOL...100 mph, all he could see in his rearview mirror was the Gold "BowTie", after about a mile I backed off. He almost drove me off the road cutting back too soon. 350, 4 speed...Loved it.

Now that’s A good Looking Chevy 👀

We once owned that model. Oh if only we still had it.

Nice ride now upgrade the brakes to disc.

Nice car!

If it has a 350 in it it's not original!

Never heard of for speed

Clean car


Roy Studier

Terrence Ashford

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Sweet. Beautiful ride.

Nice ride





definitely wouldn't be sitting unattended that long sweet ride

I could drive this.

I appreciate how he told the kids not to touch and even get there arms out. Finally someone showing respect for other people's property


What a beautiful car are not like that no more

My Brother in-law told me last night my car was spotted while my wife were having dinner lol if any serious folks would like to see it I will be at Ross mortgage in Royal Oak at the Woodward Dream cruise or call me Jim Ferns 586)214-3454


Did anyone check. The key may be in the ignition.

If i had the money id buy it in a heartbeat considering its original

How much?

Clean car

Pretty Pontiac! Wow!

To 😎

yup common site to see in michigan will never complain about old school muscle cars

Swwwweeeeeetttttt ride 💕💕💕💕

Smart Kid 😎👍❤️

Beautiful I just bought a 68 Camaro convertible. I love it

Gorgeous ❤

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if everything is in order why part out when it could be restored to its glory days

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