7 interesting facts about Dodge. Lie or true? Try to guess!

There seven curious facts about Dodge. We collected the most interesting thing about the Dodge. Attention! One from the 7 facts is lie. We specially included it in the list, that you would try to guess, what is a lie and what is the truth. Can you guess? You will know a correct an-swer at the end of the video. In this video: • What means name of the car brand Dodge? • What type of body became a fashion after the emergence of the car Dodge Caravan? • Why appearance legendary «muscle car» Dodge Charger 1968 in its time was described by two phrases: «Coke bottle styling» and «Blind muzzle»? • Why were invited specialists from Lamborghini at work on the car Dodge Viper? • Which pickup of brand Dodge is considered the most beautiful pickup in the world? • Due to what Dodge Charger Daytona set a speed record in racing NASCAR? • How started engines of car of brand Dodge in the early 20th century, by means of the handle or an electric starter?

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