7 Of Ford´s Greatest Engines Throughout History

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    1. I know a feller that had a van with one, at like 150,000 miles never ever changed his oil, always used and added mobil#1 asked me to change his oil filter”he did every 3000 miles,at around 175,000 miles I opened engine to repair a rocker arm, and that engine looked new, any other 300 I opened rockers had groove’s from sludge.(funny what you do remember )

    2. My industrial work vehicle can tow 60,000-lbs and it has a single barrel carb Ford 300ci 6-cyl and a C-6. I hauled 26,400 with it just a few hours ago.

    1. I’ll take my 408 over a Cleveland anyway. Ford just didn’t make enough c so parts cost to much

  1. I would pick but that kinda a contradict of terms you said ford and good motor in the same sentence MOPAR RULES!!!!!!!

    1. So Joel, you think the 426 HEMI, 440 Commando and a 383 are just good for boat anchors? Show me a stock Ford that could outperform a 426 HEMI!

  2. I raced a lot of ford’s in my life and saw a lot of snapped rods at high rpms, in the 6500 range.

    1. the fords snap a lot of rods. I had at the time a 440 duster, I never snapped a rod at those rpm’s. I am a mopar guy. But I like a lot of cars

    2. I have a superbee currently. 440 some head work and a high duration cam. 4 speed, dana rear 456’s. Solid tappet cam. I do get sick of lashing valves but I love solid lifter cams. I race it once a month down here in southern florida. Only thing that sucks is I miss living in NY can cruising in cold dry winter days. I would get at least 5 -20 more horsepower in those conditions.

  3. 300 six can be strong also and is pretty damn tuff and never under estimate a mopar

  4. 429 boss was nice but a bitch to work on just no room dam near had to pull fenders off to change plugs lot of busted knuckles but good times

  5. This was great but you forgot the 427 shoc engine probably one of the best engines all those on the 429 SVT

  6. Hypo 289 had one that would crank up to 11000 rpms in my 68 sport bronco

  7. Cammer!!! Mickey Thompson ruled in 69 the Boss brought the end to Ford power in funny cars shame they stopped developing the awesome Cammer

  8. Wesome video, but should have had the over the years had many high performing combos! Luv those fords

  9. 428 Cobra Jet or the 5.0 HO EFI. The Boss 429 had a vast amount of potential with a larger carburetor, more aggressive camshaft and free-flowing exhaust. BOSS 302 was a bad ass engine as well.

  10. 5.0, 435 crank hp off the showroom floor and over 650 possible with a supercharger and still can be a daily driver.

  11. It’d be interesting to see how many blue lemons (ford) have had an LS (Chevrolet) engine put in them vs how many blue lemons have had blue lemon motors as far as hot rod/custom cars go.

    1. Has nothing to do with quality it’s all about expense and availability. Chevy basically puts the same engine in everything for years and years ford is constantly changing and improving so the aftermarket can’t keep pace in a cost efficient manner. Ford makes a way better engine always has always will. But Chevy guys confuse quantity for quality.

  12. 427SOHC
    Connie Kalitta became the first to try and sort out the mystery that was the SOHC. Connecting-rod problems dogged development from the start. But Ford’s hunch about Kalitta might have been right, as he became the first person to hit 200 mph at an AHRA national event in 1965.

  13. 427SOHC 2,500hp
    Pink told us the problem with the Cammer was not the chain—a problem he fixed with chromoly links—it was with the block. “[This engine] was meant to handle maybe 750 hp, and we were getting 2,500 hp out of it,” Pink says. “We would be lucky to get four runs for qualifying and four for eliminations from a block. If we did, the crank would be laying in the bottom of a broken-up block.”

  14. I would say my favorite engine is a 351 Windsor. I had one in my ’76 Ford F 250

  15. The 427 Cobra Jet .
    Ford was told to tone it down , State Troopers couldn’t catch it .
    That’s how it got replaced by the 428 Cobra Jet .

    The 351 C – Cleveland was good engine .

    Best were the Ford’s powered by the Dodge Brothers .

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