Only 674 original miles !! Superbird !!! Original Paint / Unrestored – Road Test TV

Video of a rare original 1970 Plymouth Superbird. This rare muscle car sat in a dealership for 19 years before being discovered. This Superbird only has 674 original miles and wears its original B5 blue paint. This untouched, unrestored original muscle car is powered by its original 440 Super Commando engine, and is another example of a rare muscle car sitting for years waiting to see the light of day. This is 1 of 1920 Superbirds ever produced. (FYI-Dodge Produced a similar winged car in 1969 called the Dodge Charger Daytona).

7 thoughts on “Only 674 original miles !! Superbird !!! Original Paint / Unrestored – Road Test TV”

  1. I owed a 440ci 1968 charger n loved it but to me that high wing super bird was one of the ugliest cars Chrysler ever made

  2. ugly car then, ugly car now Sorry never liked this Gauddy big winged cone nosed style. Like the 69 Roadrunner though!

  3. mine then circa Ohio 1995 Nasty built BBC 454.60 roller motor. 396/375 horse engine long gone! Shes was nasty quick.

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It can actually go for more than that

Sweet Ride

Definitely a

Michele Mebane Cohen show lee

Cars do uglybin the early 50’s

James Dawson

that’s the year i was born

So ugly

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That little area there at the fair was and always is my favorite. I miss the tractor shows they used to have in Memphis years ago at the Lions Club

Oilfield stuff.

Wow. Pretty cool

Will someone please make this guy a proper sign board? The card board and marker looks like shit

No it's not my club has much bigger one

ive seen bigger on youtube a few times lol

Looks like an ajax

stump pulling torque !

Raymond Francis

Looks like an Ajax to me ☠️😍

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