67 Shelby Mustang Barn Find, Watch The First Drive in 30 Years

Super Mustang posted this cool video of a 1967 Shelby Mustang going for a drive around the block after 30 years. i’m sure they did some prep work to get it going. Very happy they shared the first drive after 30 years. My question is how do people find these amazing cars stuffed in a barn, especially a Shelby!  I want  in on this.

I live out in the country and am going to start looking in barns for some of these. So far all I have found is a cool 65 Valiant Station Wagon from Ca., and an 87 Cutlass from Virginia, Need to steop up my car hunting skills. Anyway enjoy the Shelby first ride. PS: Tell us or post your barn finds here. If you have video even better!


1967 Shelby Barn Find First Drive In 30-Years what a cool Ride 😍😍😎

Posted by Super Mustang on Friday, August 11, 2017

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Things have changed , The COST $4000.00 vs $60,000+ .

What End? NO End in Sight !

So true

The competition is necessary to keep those brands as hot as they can be. If corporate takes over, they're both dead.

Yes but in the sixties, we were earning 3.00 and hour now around 20.00 per hour

One of the best rivalries. Like the Red Sox and the Yankees.😎

Some things get uglier and cost more

I would pick the gm old gm

That is so true but don't forget dodge challenger also a spoiler

Well.....they used to have to have drivers to race...

'66 Ford Fairlane 500 GT-390.


Dodge is missing

And hopefully never will

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