383 Chevy vs. 383 Mopar!

It’s our first head-to-head shootout with two engines: a Blueprint Engines crate Chevy 383 small-block versus a hand-built Mopar 383 by Engine Masters host Steve Dulcich. To make this a fair test, we equalized as many variables as possible: both engines use the same carburetor and the same type of ignition, intake manifold, camshaft, compression ratio, oil pan, and oil. Both use the best iron cylinder heads available from the OE manufacturer. So what’s your guess? Which engine will make the most average horsepower and torque? Find out the surprising answer and have some fun with David Freiburger, Steve Dulcich, and Steve Brule in this episode of Engine Masters, presented by Amsoil.

42 thoughts on “383 Chevy vs. 383 Mopar!”

  1. The next time you’re at a car show check under the hood you’ll find a Chevy engine under the hoods most of those cars

    1. you can find chevy engines in the scrap yard , stack them deep an sell them cheap, hard to find a ford or dodge engine, an if u did $$$$$ cost more..

    2. Dennis Watson but some people put hemi’s in Chevy’s 🤘 gotta love the blasphemi

  2. The both of them did really well I have to agree but morpar had just a little more great job guys and really great to hear and watch

  3. Big Block verses small block not a surprise. Be interesting to see what big block 396 verses big block 383 with equal components.

  4. I did enjoy this. Was impressed that the modified chevy lost to the stock Mopar.

  5. Well duh the Mopar had a bigger bore. If they’d both had the same cid it might’ve been a different story

  6. Love how people are saying modified stroker vs stock big block. Listen and watch the video again people. The big block had aftermarket intake, carb, and also had the standard bore changed to 413 inches. Both were modified!!!

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