3 Punks Brutalized A Veteran And Dumped Alcohol On His Face, Then Justice Showed Up!

The Washington park man was pumping gas at a station when he was approached by a group of thugs.He was violently punched and kicked. They kicked the veteran into submission and poured alcohol on him before running a car over him. He was left there dying. Though has recovered now. All three men for the assault have been sentenced and are now in custody.

Two men were found two months later but the third assailant eluded captivity. They have been recognized by the authorities as Lamarcus Evans, Earl Agnew and Deon Sanders.
Hopefully the pack of these three thugs have been sentenced to long terms.It’s tragic that people take an oath to protect their country and end up being killed. Share this on Facebook and Twitter to tell people that justice has been served on the three men who brutally punched and almost killed an innocent man at the gas station for no reason.

163 thoughts on “3 Punks Brutalized A Veteran And Dumped Alcohol On His Face, Then Justice Showed Up!”

    1. It’s okay, only white people are capable of being racist the way I understand it.

    2. Gus Cook that’s bullshit don’t be smart….. John Steele I say that because of a post some time back a black girl hit a white guy car and all the slurs poured out so natural…. Before then I thought this group was for the love of cars……. Until then

    3. But who asked you anything buddy…… While driving your muscle car stay in your lane thanks in advance

    4. Bobby Crittenden if you can read that was far from a racial comment. That actually was a statement

    5. Stirring the pot…… That post is what you call race bate….. Has nothing to do with cars as it goes on I can bet you slurs is gona spill out…… It happend before in this group….. So tell that to all your buddies

    6. No your stirring the pot!!! Period! Whether you see it or not!! That’s a fact!!! Not one racist comment had been made. You brought up racial slurs?? Right? That is called stirring the pot!
      This veteran served his country! Came home to be beaten! Then poured alcohol on him! Then ran over? I don’t care what color of who’s skin! You should try be either! This was was wrong!!! Period! Sick actually!!!

    7. You damn right it was wrong and I hope they burn in hell…… Just in case you didn’t read what I said…. I said in this group on a post there were many slurs being made so basically all I was saying is I don’t wanna see that shit. Can u understand that

  1. Wow. Serve your country. Come home to be attacked. Then ran over? Oh uh uhhh. These thugs need to be put away!!! Period!!!

  2. Convict and stiff sentencing to set an example that this is not acceptable or it will accelerate rapidly!!!!

    1. Give them a choice. Let the 3 of them face 9 vets or 3 to 1 at a time. OR 15 years. Then let the Vets beat them until they cry & beg for the time.

  3. Complete bull shit. Take them to a military base. Let them out and let the other vets have them. 3 on 1. How about 1000 to 3. I like those odds.

    1. It would only take one if he was the one teaching Hand-To-Hand with orders to teach these punks a lesson. These kinds of people (PUNKS) always need 3 to 1 or more.

    2. I said the same thing….. I got chased by 5 white guys it took 5 guys huh….. Punks

    3. I’ve got friends,i mean close friends. That are black,hispanic, and from Thailand. They have a open invite to my house 24/7. People are who,WHO,you want to be seen.

    4. When i joined service in 75,one of then first things we were told. You have different races,if you don’t like it walk out now. That MAN,MAY save your life. That’s the way it should be. I’m a REDKNECK, from texas. Proud of it. Proud of thefolks I know. VERY PROUD.

  4. Lets treat these thugs the same way they treat people, Only I want to pick the vehicle.


  6. And blacks are protesting white oppression??? Blacks target police and it seems once a week an officer is killed by a black thug. Shit, I think we law abiding citizens should protest BLM, black panthers and the biggest racist in the country, Barack Hussein obama and his accomplices al sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others in congress

    1. Hey Jack ass what the fuck do you call the Klan in Charlottesville…. So please sit down and shut the fuck up you racist piece of shit

    2. Will Faulkner Hey jackass, what do you call the fucking black fuck that shot up the white church a few weeks ago. What do you call the black serial killer that only killed white males they caught a couple months ago.
      You didn’t read about that on CNN did you? Or the many many more there are. If you want to go tit for tat, blacks do this shit way more than whites so I understand getting defensive when people are talking shit about blacks in general but you can step down off your self righteous victim horse because guess what? White people get sick of your shit as well and if you think that’s so out of line, over 540 murdered in Baltimore so far this year. The new murder capital of the US.

    3. Shuttt your fuckin lien punk ass up…. No 540 people didn’t get killed in Baltimore…. So fuck you and all your bogus information you pulled bout your ass….

    4. I hear chains in some of these thugs future. Kenneth R Fleming Jr biggest mass shooting huh? Just this year alone there is almost 600 shootings in Chicago alone.

    5. Will Faulkner defending criminals again I see. Got to stick with your thug nation brother’s right? ✊✊✊

    6. Scott Therrien you defending the KKK ….. Make America great again and kill your self

  7. Just more of those innocent deprived black boys. Just worthless black pos thugs that need to be killed outright.

    1. Bitch I’m never defending criminals…. I’m fighting racist pricks word for word it’s a difference

    2. Criminals come in all colors. I don’t give a fuck about those dick head’s. But I do give a fuck when racist people gona talk shit and switch it around so shut up

    3. Not one person said anything remotely racist. You need to calm down. I understand hearing the truth bothers you. But deep down inside you know it’s all the truth.

  8. Ok this is terrible – but can we keep this site muscle car related? I kind of go to these sites to escape the shitty news once in a while

  9. You can’t escape racism no where these days…. This site was for the love of muscle cars. It’s a race bating site I see

    1. No!!!! America is sick and tired of the BLM bullshit considering BLM is nothing but a terrorist organization. Obama was the one who fueled the race wars during this century and the one you can thank for how things have turned for the worst the last few years

    2. But I did unfollow the page because this news has no business here.

    3. See these fuckin idiots…. How the fuck Obama was racist? Trump’s not but he is…. Blm is a racist group…. Not the Klan in VA with …. Bitch we tired of white supremacists trying to brainwash American….

    4. He fueled the race war by being the first black president…. It’s a fuckin idiot I. The white house and all y’all can focus is on oboma

  10. give people like that a choice.. leave the country with your whole damn family or face execution while being forced to say the pledge of alegiance

  11. Because these cocksuckers want justice for their cause, this is the shit that Will not get it for them

    1. Will Faulkner that’s part of the problem, I’m not racist , but u have have to bring that up

  12. They shouldn’t do anybody that way the veteran part means nothing to me absolutely f****** nothing

  13. Happened a year ago. Mainstream media isn’t concerned with this as it won’t create racial divide. Hope they get the same treatment in jail.

  14. Not all black lives matter. Just consider douchebags like this asshole. This is not intended to slam black people as clearly there are assholes in all races. I fucking hate having to put a disclaimer to my posts to avoid being attacked by an unthinking individual who has no fucking clue what I am getting at.

    1. I know what you saying just have a fucked up way u putting it….. Well don’t say shit then just sit down an shut the fuck up

    2. Read it again. I am saying that there’s an asshole in every race that is not a necessity to society and yes that does include white fucking people.

    3. White people give more evidence to the fact that the pro-lifers are way the fuck off. All lives are not special.

    4. Instead of stating that you said all black lives don’t matter…. So you get to play God huh

  15. Oh look, yet another ‘I know its not car related but…’ post ! If its not car related, why post it?? Leave it to the mainstream media groups to report the news, stick to what this group is about and nothing else, otherwise it just becomes like so many other so called car groups out there, whose lines becone very blurred as to what is relevant and acceptable to post in a CAR group!

  16. Assulting a soldier should have the same consequence as assaulting a police officer

  17. Guess you’re implying all blacks are like this…
    Why don’t you post about muscle cars?

  18. Hey, for the next one can we see white police officers brutalizing black suspects? I mean equal time for all thugs right? I am blocking you because you chose to go down the path of Kobe sided racial bullshit- which is in the gutter……

    1. Turn on your TV you see police brutalizing and even murdering black people every day…. So what’s your point

    2. Grade school??? You old racist bastard. Just to let you know no body says that shit no more……

    3. Not gonna stick stupid…..not racist at all…you just can’t take what you dish out troll with a chip on your shoulder

    4. Most racist pricks don’t know their racist…… You animal….. You want to see people being tortured…. Regardless of color…. You an evil dog that needs to be put down….. One sided you fuckin stupid

    5. You tagged me with your stupid BS and Don’t even know a damn thing about me racist

    6. What’s Jewish, Scots-Irish Native American guy you’re racist……sure……sure I am

    7. You big dummy how did I tag you….. I didn’t make this race baiting post….. You just took the bait and showed your true colors……

    8. If you’re not racist why you want to see white police brutalizing black people so just shut your dumb ass up.

    9. Respect is given when it is shown; racist baiting post? I just wanna see both sides if we’re gonna get a diet of this baloney on “Muscle Cars”…..

    10. Yes, the truth; one side and then the other; tired but not high…..why am I racist for wanting to see both sides? Please explain. …..

    11. Well if you wanna see black men hurt and beat up why don’t you do it yourself.,…. I can tell you why

    12. Because you smell like pussy and you piss like a Bitch .u gotta get a Klan … You would never go 1 on 1 conversation over now fuck off

    13. You are so dumb that you didn’t even take time to get my point; that I’m sick and tired of seeing black men killed or incarcerated over stupid BS….you just jumped on me saying I want to see people get beat up. How immature. Hater I’m on your side but you Don’t even see it. You just want to hate on somebody….stupid and insulting

    14. That’s not what you was saying…. You people always try to manipulate a situation

    15. I said show us cops beating up black men so we could see the other side….not manipulating shit young man. I Don’t hate anyone over the color if their skin. No one. Now if you want to respect me and find something out about me instead of tagging me with theKKK label; I will respect you and listen to why you’re so passed off

    16. Jonathan Lewis I was about to make a comment that would be unsatisfactory too many people seeing your comment stopped me from expressing my anger in about 3 weeks I’m going to bring my grandpa to Arlington he was a veteran of World War II fighter pilot he also fought in Korea Vietnam and some other things that were so secret he couldn’t even tell Grandma to his last day so now I’m great risk because I do respect you I have to say what’s the chances of a young white dude doing that just being straightforward and I think they’re close to a possible nevertheless, doesn’t matter to me the person who did that needs to be damn near crucified obviously an emotional over my grandpa but it is the time that this world needs to come together and pull for strength of the country protect the citizens and all that stuff not sure how to do it I wish I knew how the racial thing has divided us

    17. My Dad was on a fleet tanker in WWII; his ships were torpedoed twice… brother was a Marine in Vietnam; another Marine and an Air Force were what two other brothers were……my fellow soldiers were my brothers and my father’s best friend was African American ( who served in 3rd Army-first driving gasoline trucks and then as one of Patton’s Panthers)-i am not going to stand idly by while the idiots who called my father a “n*****lover try to take over the United States-not gonna happen…….

    18. Address the problem instead of papering over it is how you fix the racial divide- discuss and then implement solutions

  19. So it seems I was booted out this group for speaking out against racist pricks that think your not gonna say nothing…. The post was a race baiter but it’s good to show the true colors of the vast majority,…. How many pricks said hang em….. One cocksusker said hang em in front of the court house…,.

  20. This group was supposed to be for the love of the muscles under the hood….. But the only hoods I sense is the white hoods in y’all closets……. A fuckin shame

  21. As sad as this may be, please keep the page car related or I will leave this site as I have so many others who get off topic

  22. They need to be done the same way they did him beat and run over but instead of using car or a pickup truck use a 18 wheeler

  23. Fucking black pos how is it not racist if it was a white guy doing the same how to be racist

  24. I thought this was a muscle car page but they post this negative CRAP NEWS ! I stop going on face book because of all the negative news, now this page is doing the same. But one thing it did was show me how many RACIST PIGS are on it so I will UNFOLLOW!!

  25. Most of the Blacks at the race track build there car with dope money

    1. Dope money and you know this wow? Don’t be mad because blacks got money and you living in a trailer Park…… The black people you see is more likely doctors or professional people……..

    2. If it was dope money they would buy the rims not rent them……. So u act like you know something about black people from watching TV so STFU

  26. Question you racist bitches hate blacks so much….. Why you Wana be us…. U bitches……. Y’all tan until nearly black…… Y’all get Botox. Lip injections, butt jobs boob jobs to get what we got naturally….. . To all you racist bitches that is the main reason y’all hate blacks….. Ok

  27. U whores keep talking about blm is a terrorist group…. Don’t fucking say shit about that and don’t say nothing about BLM and not the KKK or Nazis keep your manipulation and dumb bullshit to y’all selves

  28. This was supposed to be a car group.,… This showed me how this country is…… To make America great again y’all need to kill your selves or just fuckin die!!!!!!!!

  29. When North Korea show y’all president what time it is and half the country is blown away I bet y’all whores won’t see color or blm then…. Y’all would say to the same ones y’all call niggers we need to stick together….. Huh how about that?

  30. I cant figure out why they call these thugs “Gentlemen” & “men” when its plain to see their all just “POS thugs” that deserve to be treated with the same punishment they dished out & possibly worse since their target was a “Veteran”…

  31. What Justice did the Vet get. i Hope these 3 P.O.S low life’s at least got ran over by a fast moving muscle car? or get beat just like the vet did then that would be Justice.these 3 scum bags are probably use to jail ? so Jail is not Justice,?????? it will just keep these 3 from beating up a elderly lady or a kids Street justice is what they deserve,?

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