2+2 = FAST! One of the Rarest Pontiac’s of the 60’s Beats 67 Barracuda w/ 383

2+2 is on your mind!

Driving down Gratiot Avenue at 25 mph I was looking for the next street race with my best friend Jeff. The year was 1976, the month was June. My car was a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S that came with a big block 383. Of course, the engine was beefed up quite a bit with a racing cam, 750 double pumper dual feed Holley, 3:91 Rear,4 speed, dual point distributor and a few other goodies to make it scoot better.
Alongside us pulls a whale of a car that looked like a Pontiac Catalina Convertible. On the very front center of the fender, a large 2+2 glared at me.
Why did this guy and his gal want to race me? Looks like he borrowed his dad’s car and wanted to impress his girl.
So of course, we raced…… and I got my doors blown off!
I pulled over in the Burger King parking lot at 12 Mile and Gratiot. He pulled in behind me, both him and his girl laughing!
I found out he had a pretty rare 1966 Pontiac called a 2+2 which had a 421, tri-power carbureted engine that had 376 HP and a whopping 461 ft. lbs. of torque. All put to an automatic transmission. Man was I embarrassed and light $50 for losing the race.
The Pontiac 2+2 was made for just a few years as a full-size car and built on the B-Body chassis
Starting in 1964 it debuted as a trim-only option for the Pontiac Catalina and had special door panels, buckets seats, a center console, and exterior badges. The 64 model offered choices of 2-389 motors of 283 HP and 330 HP with the Tri-Power. Also the 421 motor,320 HP with a Rochester 4 barrel carb.
Billed as the big brother to the Pontiac GTO it never reached the sale numbers the GTO did. 1965 brought about the demise of the Catalina name on the car but it was still an option for the Catalina.
The 1965-66 models all came with the 421 motor with 3 options. 338 HP 4 barrel, and 2-421’s with tri-power carbs. One with 356 HP and the HO
version with 376 HP.
In 1966 it became a separate series that sported dual exhaust, heavy- duty front springs, and outer body trim.
In 67 it was made an option because of poor sales and the only engines available were the 428 360 and 376 HO motors.
Canadians were able to buy a much-revised version of the 2+2 until 1970 as the Canadian-built versions had a Pontiac body on a Chevrolet chassis and the full array of Chevrolet engines available.
A resurrection was attempted in 1986 with the Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 but only 1,225 were built.

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  1. My dad had a 69 Catalina Ventura with a 428 motor fast car I didn’t have my driver’s license but I would take it out and smoke the tire’s lol

  2. I had a 68 Bonneville convertible in 1972 it was blue with a white top blue boot top blue interior

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