2020 Ford Bronco officially coming back will be made in Michigan !!

We knew they were coming, but now it’s official. At its 2017 Detroit Auto Show press conference, Ford announced that the Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup will be returning to the US market soon. We still have very few details on either model.

Ford also confirmed that both models will be built at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. The Ranger will arrive for 2019, with the Bronco following in 2020. The two models are expected to be built on a shared body-on-frame platform, creating a midsize SUV and a midsize pickup. The Ranger is currently sold in other markets; we’re likely to get the next-generation model when it arrives in the US.

72 thoughts on “2020 Ford Bronco officially coming back will be made in Michigan !!”

    1. Yeah I agree it will sell very well have no doubts about it. It’s amazing what will pay for a vehicle just to say u have one.

  1. A few questions is the top removable can you put a convertible top on it can you put roll bars in it are the doors removable is it going to be fun to drive or like every other vehicle on the road boring if you can’t meet that criteria don’t even make it you mastered the old one not sure you can do it twice… is it going to be affordable or only for the rich?

    1. Pretty sure base model will easily strart @ $35k to 40k and on up from there.

  2. It’d be nice if they made a model available with vinyl seats, roll down windows, five speed manual, and “wash out with a hose” interior. You know, a working man’s Bronco instead of a yuppie commuter Bronco.

    1. John Keppler We can only hope. I’ve had three broncos. A ’72, 85, and a 96. The 72 and 85 had rubber floormats and were much more practical than the 96 Eddie Bauer. I like simple and useful vehicles. Don’t need all of the fluff, but the market must be demanding all of the buttons and whistles. You can’t even buy a half ton Ford with a manual tranny anymore.

  3. Had a 1980 custom and a 1987 then my last one was a 1991 Silver anniversary prettiest Bronco I ever owned still have a like new set of the special chrome plated keys.

  4. Nice look but not affordable, cost of vehicles is way too high for plastic and aluminum…

    1. Agree! Looks pretty nice tho. But way beyond my means. Besides I don’t think u can take off the back top iether. I’d rather have a throw back of the ol school Bronco.

  5. Dump the luxury, let’s have the 60″S & 70″S meat and potatoes version. Capability. Not a car wash warrior.

  6. Oh yes, real steal bumpers, not Tupperware. And can fit rollbars in. You know, I’m sure you’re do, like a real Bronco. Not a car wash warrior.

  7. I always liked the Bronco from 66 to 78 to when they quit. Glad to see him back, if I had the loot I will get one.

  8. Owned four Broncos. Hope the new one has chrome bumpers and factory roll bar and is not made with plastic like all the other new crap. I am sure it will cost more than a nice house. Wish I had my 96 back.

  9. looks like something hot Wheels rejected. if your making a Bronco, bring it back the way it was meant to look, rugged, tough, not cutsie

  10. Damn it. I was hoping for the 2004 “Concept” Bronco that was shown at the 2004 International Auto Show. This ain’t it. You fail Ford.

  11. 5.0L Coyote , Automatic trans, roll bar, ROMOVEABLE TOP a must, Optional locking front and rear differential

  12. I have been a ford man all my life and have had many fords but never again thanks to the NFL bye to NFL and ford.

  13. nice Bronco but i’ll bet when and if it comes out it will not look like this because these car manufacturers always change up shit at the last minute

  14. I’ve had a couple of old Chevrolet Blazers I absolutely love and miss them and I am a Chevrolet person through and through but this looks like it’s possibly one of the coolest trucks out there

  15. Been talking about it for years now, I hope they do make them, it’ll drive the value of my ’73,( which I get complements on virtually everytime I drive it) sky high. But, we’ll see.

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God please let me win the lotto so I can buy this car thanks

Clean car

How much does he want for it?

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Let’s see the top operate down and up.

That's my style new paint job bling it up yo

Alan Knott

But need rear fender skirt!

Timing seems a bit off

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