2018 Chevy Chevelle release date specifications and price !! CAN THIS BE REAL!?!?!?!

The new and upcoming 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle is a totally brand-new concept from vehicle manufacturing company Chevrolet. This new vehicle concept is based on Chevrolet’s previous models such as the Chevrolet Camaro. To put it in simple terms, the 2018 Chevy Chevelle is going to be a highly modified and a total futuristic version of the previous Chevrolet Camaro version.


According to images and leaked pictures of the 2018 Chevy Chevelle, this futuristic car from Chevrolet is going to come with three doors. Yes, you heard me right, it is going to have three doors. This means that the new Chevrolet Chevelle is going to have rounded edges, LED headlights. And much sharper and also angled fog lights. With the new futuristic design, the front bumper will allow for aerodynamic performance of the 2018 Chevelle. It will also spot a long hood and strong machine beneath it also.

With the interior cabin of the 2018 Chevrolet representing a new and futuristic much innovative design. It will spot beautiful and much-simplified seats for both the driver and passenger. There is enough room on the front for leg position. The onboard entertainment of the 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle is coupled with Bluetooth phone connectivity, USB ports, MP3 audio systems, sound and audio systems and also auxiliary output.

This is a result of manufacturers nowadays putting onboard infotainment on their new car models and Chevrolet doesn’t want to be left behind in that.It also comes with GPS navigation also has touch screen display for fuel, temperature and miles.

The new car will have two engines. The first engine on the new car will be a 2.0-liter engine. That will be coupled with 294 hp and the second engine on the Chevelle will be a 3.3-litre engine V6. That is much stronger and powerful than the first version of the engine on the new Chevelle.

From its design, it is going to hard to tell the fuel economy of the new car futuristic concept and model. The prediction is that the 2018 Chevy Chevelle fuel economy is going to be high, according to the engine capacity and the horsepower that the new car is going to have.

The expected retail price of the new model is expected to be probably to be around $30,000 mark. Thus making the much more economical in the category of the Chevrolet class of vehicles. The release date of the new car is not yet known. Chevrolet doesn’t make it easy to tell when the 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle is going to be released.

To sum it up, the 2018 Chevelle futuristic car will be ideal for all those Chevrolet fans out there looking to own a piece of the futuristic vehicle. That is sweeping the car industry like a storm. From a professional car view and review perspective, the 2018 Chevy Chevelle is definitely worth having after its release.

425 thoughts on “2018 Chevy Chevelle release date specifications and price !! CAN THIS BE REAL!?!?!?!”


      I thought the same thing until I read the story.

  1. So by the time a few trickle through to the U.K. it’ll be £30,000+. Enjoy folks.A right hand drive Mustang GT here is nearly £40,000. Must say it’s nice to see America making nice looking cars again.

  2. Ummmmmmmm no thanks Chevy. Doesn’t look like a Chevelle and a 2.0 litre ?????? I don’t care if it has 294 hp and a 3.3 litre V6 ( turbo I imagine) that isn’t “cool” even if it does have 400+ hp.

  3. Chevy sales the big blocks engines 454 427 &572 put them in your cars and put on their buy at your on risk

  4. Come on GM… CAN YOU ATLEAST MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THE REAL DEAL.. just as bad as the camaro.. Wtf

  5. This isn’t real. The interior pic even shows the inside of a four door vehicle

  6. Don’t ruin it by being front wheel drive if anything all wheel drive would be more acceptable GM ruined the Nova, Malibu, and the Monte Carlo. Build it right or not at all!

    1. I agree about most v6’s but look at what GM did with the Buick Grand National

  7. Sorry don’t like the body u all should come up with the old body styles of these cars with all the new stuff u got old school has always been the hot rods of today why u think so many people buy the old school cars for because they can do a lot more with them on there Owen

    1. Ummm… No I Doubt Number 1….. They Needed Bailout Money…. Maybe it’s Because the Camaro is only for Short People

    2. Number 1 American Choice. If you consider the worth of a 57, Corvette, Impala, or 69 Chevelle
      Convertible. I’d say no one can compete with the longevity and class distinction in my book. I don’t think the lack of sales in this economy matters with generations of progress!

  8. “Futuristic?” Taken off the Camaro design and changed just enough to give it an historic name? And with under powered, power plants to boot.
    Chevy, you’d better get your act in gear! This ain’t going to cut It! Especially at 30 grand.

  9. Sorry but there is nothing economical about today’s auto’s. They are way over priced for what you get, it’s all about a computer on wheels…

  10. PLEASE don’t make it a front wheel drive! And have all the V8s as options soon please along with a manual transmission please.

  11. This site only posts fake news posts… and people believe it LOL

  12. One of these days, people are going to stop driving the newer shit, because some people can’t afford $100 k in a loan.

  13. Kind of looks close to ’69 probably not as hot as Steve Nelson ’68

  14. It looks like a Camaro with a Javelin back end on it. Don’t like it, sure wouldn’t pay $30,000 for it !

  15. Stop trying to remake classics! If you really want to go that route, make it the same way as the original.

  16. I would rather have an old car than a new car sorry. I could spend the same and get a 60’s version which is better in my opinion. Sorry keep it.

  17. Don’t bother Chevrolet save your $$$ and forget it . I bought a 2006 Monte Carlo because I loved the style of the car and i still love the car but I always wondered what would have been if it was rear wheel drive with a Corvette motor

  18. Nope don’t like this design. And 3 doors? Ummm NO!!!! And no V8, GM is doing it again. Ruining a classic model. Get with the program GM!!!!!!

  19. A v6 Chevelle no thanks doesn’t even look little bit like a Chevelle. The challenegers and mustangs look a little similar but modern at least with a v8 option.

  20. I think the Chevelle is something for the history books. I don’t think it needs a concept.

  21. I guess chevy can’t compete with dodge anymore. This is just another under-powered pos from chevy. Where is your competiveness? A V6? We were looking for a thousand hp rocket, not a family sedan.

    1. Cadillac has you covered. Not quite the 1000hp part but that can be fixed on a stock motor. And its not a family sedan. Its a rocket wagon.

    2. Wow really you think that mopar the maker of plastic junk wanna be trucks and faggy ass crap cars that can’t put the HP it makes to the pavement is better then Chevy lmfao the camaro alone can put the fag cat to shame on the track (track not strip)

    3. 😂😂😂😂Compete with Dodge…that’s awesome, because they lost the war with Ford years ago. Lol

  22. Bullshit. The poor grammar alone red flags this as “fake news.”

  23. Ummm for $30 grand I will definitely pass.
    Put a motor that needs to be in it, then I will consider it.
    Definitely looks like it has been blended with a Javelin tho.

  24. 450hp, 6spd, Posi rearend and MAYBE, I might look in that direction !? My ’65 Malibu SS will NEVER be replaced by a V6 !?

  25. I won’t be impressed until we start getting our chrome back and if they had any sense at all they’d have different engine options like they did before

    1. No shitlike somethin in the hellcat range. Do it right or not at all.

  26. Would love to have one But I’m just not sure about the V-6 the Chevelle without a V-8 I don’t know

  27. Chevy released photos of a concept Chevelle SS in 2004 that was really cool and based on the old Cheetah……..and teased us …..then never built it

  28. Wouldn’t want anything less than an LT 4 supercharged 650 hp. Don’t want any 4 bangers or 6 bangers!

  29. Just hope they don’t screw it up like they did the camaro they have a corvette why do they want the camaro look like the corvette I’m % bow tie 69 camaro is the only camaro they ever built the concept of the new camaro was close to the 69 but some dick head had to change it we will see how much they will mess this up

  30. I hope it comes with a Big Block and a 10 speed automatic and I hope can read the SS

  31. Front looks OK, but the rear sucks. A cross between the Camaro and an AMX. No Chevelle ever looked like that.

  32. Are you really gonna thumb the chevelle by putting a 6 in it and front wheel drive if so I’ll never buy one

  33. Just by the way it’s written. Like it’s from a third world scam artist. Wish I could say nice try but it’s not even that.

  34. Why not? Take a classic muscle car nameplate and stick it on a modern car design with today’s technology. Ford and Chrysler did.

  35. The don’t think this will happen,seen many other cars talk about making a come back,never seems to get in production!

    1. Personally I wish they would have come up with a better body style that compared to the 70’s style! I do not like the back end at all!

  36. This is the Chevelle at its finest. There’s no need for a rebirth as she never died. Long live American Muscle.

  37. Omg stop, don’t remake this car with the crap modern style of chevy. The interior is puke and the body is fuck all!
    Just stop your ruining the chevelle name

  38. OMG it looks like a cross between an AMX znd a camaro. Do not put this on the salesline, my Chevelle will eat it up in style!!!

  39. Terrible! Ruined the look! Just put a stripe and badge on it and call it a Chevelle!? Camaro way better!

  40. Absolutely disgusting. Please leave the chevelle alone. Don’t destroy an icon like you did to the Nova and Monte Carlo.

  41. Car prices these days is outrageous but the manufacturers do that by design. They’re not interested in people buying the cars. They want you to lease so they will be more certain you will be back in 2 or 3 years. There will come a time that even leading will be unaffordable. That, too, will be by design. Cars will become lease by the mile on call. This is the main reason for driverless cars. Call when you want them and they will be at your door. Drop the car off when you get where you’re going and call for another to take you home. I don’t like it but I see it as the future. Ugg.

  42. It looks like a redesigned Camaro . If you’re going to bring back the Chevelle , make sure it looks like a Chevelle and not a new Camaro .

  43. Wow! Is that incredibly ugly even virgil exner designed better looking cars

  44. This is the new Chevelle??? The only thing that they got right is the back window.

  45. Chevy SS Chevelle is one of my favorites. But the motor has to be a lot beefier to be a true SS Chevelle.

    1. Ugh… I want to love this car, but the styling is just not there for me, nevermind it’s not offered with a v8

  46. On the money !!! looks so good !! hope its got power to go with the looks those looks !!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Just like the Nova they are going to ruin the great name of the Chevy Chevelle. It’s going to make a lot of car guys cry.i am ashamed of the Chevy people.that is making it

  48. Just call the Malibu the Chevelle, maybe change the grill and rear. Used to be a chevelle malibu back in the day..

  49. No V8? Fuck off Chevy.
    I was hoping for an old fashioned big block version like a 396 or 454. Muscle cars bed to have that rumble, but just high horsepower…I’ve driven the 4 & 6 cylinder mustangs (new) and V6 Camaros, and it’s still not the same as the V8.

  50. And I think this story is bull shit click bate I doubt that the chevelle is coming back any time soon.

  51. Malheureusement non pas mon genre for shore J’aimerais savoir quel plateforme ils vont prendre pour le bâtir ainsi que le powertrain qu’ils vont opter. A titre de curiosité Lol

  52. If thus hapoens, GM BETTER have a v8 option with options later on because the rendering of this Chevelle is the 69′ body style and was known for the 396 and 427! If anything, I would see it obviously sharing the same engine and transmission as the Corvette and Camaro

  53. I would think this would just cannibalize sales from the Camaro. Looks like an AMX from the rear.

  54. Looks like 69 chevelle tail lights and front grille,they wanted to bring back the chevelle it should look like a 70 ss chevelle.

  55. Looks cool, but think they should an optional V 8 or 2 to choose from.

  56. Wow. It’s pretty looking. I’d still rather have a 70 Chevelle 454 SS though. But I’d take this one too.

  57. When i looked at the back end of this cool vehicle, I saw the old AMX look!

  58. 4 cylinder and a 6? That’s it?? Way to shoot yourselves in the dick. Surprised it’s not a 4 door like the Charger. Ehhh

  59. What the hell is GM thinking? Who’s the engineers that designed this? And a 4 banger? A 6 at best? For $30,000? I can’t see this being in production for very long. It does look like the rear end of a Javelin with ’69 Chevelle taillights. The concept mock up looks like a ’68 Chevelle front end.

  60. Uh huh… believe it when I see it. With regards to styling, it reminds me of a ’68 at first glance.

    1. Click on the link there’s a better view , but I see what you are talking about.

  61. Looks like a pile of shit. I love Chevy and the chevelle but fuck off with this.

  62. This announcement has popped up every year for the past ten years. You’re crying Wolf and I ain’t buying it.

  63. Ugly I agree nothing like my 68 SS is what is to resembles by the 69 tail lights !!!! Chevy making a huge mistake !!!! Hmm.

    1. What’s with a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder and a car that should have a V8 little confused there

  64. For crying out loud put a motor in it so people don’t be ashamed to own it

  65. Come on Chevy dam at the very least give the true muscle car power it deserves none of this small engine shit give it a V-8 ok , or I promise it won’t sell

  66. No three door, it should be two doors only. No one will purchase a three door chevelle.

  67. That’s not a Chevelle that’s a Camaro with a bunch of bullshit on it if Chevy puts this out I will have to turn my back on them maybe go to dodge clearly the designers are on some kind of drugs if they think people are going to like any piece of it you going to make it a V6 front wheel drive someone needs to take that person out back and shoot them in a Chevelle are you kidding me if they want to get respect and the record-breaking sales make it exactly look like 69 through 71 but call it a 2018

  68. That is crap a Chevelle meant to a as it says a muscle car not a weak ass car so leave it in peace and let it keep on resting in peace

  69. I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ve been saying its coming for years now.

  70. Wow 4cyl or 6cyl,guess camero sales are gunna go thru the roof…….way go gm,keep killin em

  71. If I had 30 grand to spend on either a brand new ugly piece of shit like this or an old chevelle. Definitely gonna take the old one.

  72. Gm just leave the Chevelle alone that’s a classic sorry I don’t want my dream old school muscle car 1970 Chevy Chevelle ss 572 looking like a camaro at least the challenger has its own look and style not looking like a camaro change the style make the camaro look like the second generation the 70s version or something different change the style for crying out loud

  73. A fu#kin 2.0 liter! You gotta be shittin me, who would buy this? Maybe some tree huggin, Prius lovin, man bun wearing, etc. NO CHEVY! DONT DO IT

  74. The words economical and Chevelle don’t belong in the same sentence. Sigh. Here we go again. … new models featuring The Original Classic Car names could only mean 2 things…front-wheel drive and fuel efficiency. In the end they’re all going to look like electric shavers anyways so what’s the point??? If you want an original muscle car with Unique Style you have to go for the originals because these newer versions are just not the same. Sorry.

  75. Hate the car this one is pretty ugly!!!based off a Camaro platform an no V8 what a P0S rendering I don’t think this is even real!!!!!

  76. Really? It’s as bad as the Challenger. The retro look with all the manufacturers has ran its course. Try something that people actually have input on and appreciation for.

  77. Would rather have the Kia Stinger GT, rear wheel drive 365hp dual turbo V6 for that kind of money

  78. All of you people are stupid. If you see stuff like this, look into before making opinions. Thank you.

  79. So no v8 no real power no small block or big block options and a car that looks like a jap peice of crap way to go chevy for ruining an icon yet again

  80. This, Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and a man-hating lesbian are at a four-way intersection. In the middle of the intersection is a $100 bill. Who gets the money?

  81. In case people don’t know you can get ALOT of horsepower out of a v6 !

  82. Rear end needs work…looks like an AMC from this pic’s angle & YES either Rear wheel drive or all wheel should only be the options IE the Camaro & Vette!!!

  83. Why not at least make them look like the old models? Not this copy and change a little bullshit

  84. A four cylinder and a v6? Good nob dumbing down yet another american classic

  85. GM can keep it I’d rather have a vintage 1969 model rather than the new garbage that is out these days

  86. You people are gullible. Chevy is not reviving Chevelle since it will compete against the Camaro. If Chevy did bring back Chevelle, it would be a boring ass eco shit box

  87. It’s a concept rendering.. this photo has been popping up from time to time for years now.

  88. Chevy has to build it! Got to follow Dodge’s lead in that market with the Challenger! But it’s got to be V-8 rear wheel drive!

  89. Ugly is what I think when I see this car. Looks like something AMC put out back in the day!

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