2017 Ford Torino: One Of The Famous Muscle Cars Is Making Its Biggest Comeback

The 2017 Ford Torino GT is a longer wheelbase version of the Mustang‘s platform. This vehicle went on a reshaping process and other developments to shove a big comeback as planned to re-release the model for the upcoming year. Everyone just can’t wait for this beast to take over the road.



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52 thoughts on “2017 Ford Torino: One Of The Famous Muscle Cars Is Making Its Biggest Comeback”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t it already 2017? What asshole keeps posting this shit?

  2. Looks like a mustang fornicated with a camaro and yep this post has been goin on for years still no sign of it love them ghost cars

  3. This thing looks more like a Camaro than the Mustangs do. Where does Ford get their designers? Do they steal them from GM?

    1. I follow the guy that did the rendering and he said he did it as a joke apparently someone idiotically thought it was real 😂😂

  4. FORD need to wake-up and do it, and stop dropping the ball and watching MOPAR pick it up and run away with it.

  5. Even if this is fake news. I couldn’t afford it anyway so it’s pointless to begin with @ least for me anyhow.

  6. “Put-ons” with concept vehicles don’t bother me. I like to think of what could be, too!

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