The 2017 435 hp Torino Rumor Continues…..

Rumored to be released as a sedan and a coupe. With rear wheel drive, 435 hp and 400 ft-lbs of torque this would obviously be the ultimate family car for the car enthusiast. Looks good, rides great, and will blow the doors off most cars on the road today.
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2017 Torino
The Torino Rumor continues

53 thoughts on “The 2017 435 hp Torino Rumor Continues…..”

    1. I was always a fan of the Torino. Starkey and Hutch!! Whoot whoot!! But yes, my jury is still out on the looks of this car

  1. Thought the same thing. The chevelle concept was simular. Why they all look like a short baby camaro????

    1. I have had several, 70 429 Cobra, 70 GT convertible and a 70 429 Cobra 4 speed drag pack. It does look a lot like a Cadilac!

  2. I keep seeing rumors about this. Obviously Ford is not bringing back the Torino. Not any time soon. Besides, the picture above looks distinctively General Motors anyway. Ford would have little to no benefit of creating a Torino right now when the Mustang has numerous trims, power levels, and price tags. A Torino would only serve to compete with Mustang sales. If anything, Ford should bring back the Thunderbird to compete with the Corvette, as it once did, who has little to no domestic competition.

  3. Wild looking. Of course all new rides will just keep looking more like space ships as time goes on.

  4. Well, this picture is a Camaro from the A-pillars back… kind of has a Caddy look up front with the lights, so, the Torino would never look like this.

  5. Got it wrong….looks too Japanese…and don’t make it look like those butt ugly f150s…..Did good with the Mustang don’t distroy the Torino wth a Camry look alike….

  6. I had a 69 429 4 speed shaker and all good loocking car yellow black vinal top

  7. I like its looks, but is it a Ford? Yes I realize Ford had a Torino, but is this that car? My phone won’t let me read enough of the article.

  8. It probably is one of those concept cars that will never be seen again. I have seen several versions. On the other hand if there is enough interest, who knows? I will take my old SCJ Torino with the drag pack over this…just sayin….

  9. Absolutely pitiful. Please make something that doesn’t have the ” euro” look.

  10. But either way please bring it back I tired of see MOPAR run away with they new muscle cars and FORD only have the Mustang.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, its a sharp looking car, but it seems like the new retro cars all look similar. They are missing the appeal of the vintage muscle cars which was how they all had their own personality.

  12. My wife says it doesn’t look tough enough to be a Torino having driven my 429 SCJ Torino to compare it to

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