2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Assembly Plant

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Assembly Plant, Bowling Green, KY.

10 thoughts on “2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Assembly Plant”

  1. I,d wish 1 day I would go to 1 of those Mega Factories an watch how its properly done,

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No it's not my club has much bigger one

Will someone please make this guy a proper sign board? The card board and marker looks like shit

Looks like an ajax

ive seen bigger on youtube a few times lol

20 hours ago

Muscle Car Fan

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One sweet looking impala

Very nice/Nice ride too! 😀👍

classic got to love it!

We once owned that model. Oh if only we still had it.

Nice ride now upgrade the brakes to disc.

Nice car!

Beautiful car. I’d drive that obviously on nice Sundays. 👍👍

That was my first car loved it

Beautiful car

Wow love it!



Nice car

I'm in love with her😍

My first car in 1976

If it has a 350 in it it's not original!

Never heard of for speed


Roy Studier

Terrence Ashford

Looks like a 327 not a 350 with the oil filler tube on the intake

Jay Pagaran Blair DM

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Sweet. Beautiful ride.

Nice ride





definitely wouldn't be sitting unattended that long sweet ride

I could drive this.

Pretty Pontiac! Wow!

I appreciate how he told the kids not to touch and even get there arms out. Finally someone showing respect for other people's property


What a beautiful car are not like that no more


Did anyone check. The key may be in the ignition.

If i had the money id buy it in a heartbeat considering its original

How much?

My dream car 😍

yup common site to see in michigan will never complain about old school muscle cars

Swwwweeeeeetttttt ride 💕💕💕💕

Smart Kid 😎👍❤️

Gorgeous ❤

Beautiful I just bought a 68 Camaro convertible. I love it

What a gem

Wow..i had a 67 convertible..i miss it

I know where a black one sits In a garage unrestored firebird on the hood. Great shape.

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if everything is in order why part out when it could be restored to its glory days

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