1st Day Of Ownership And My 2018 Widebody Hellcat Challenger Already Broke!

1st Day Of Ownership And My 2018 Widebody Hellcat Already Broke! Who else has been having problems with their Hellcats?

53 thoughts on “1st Day Of Ownership And My 2018 Widebody Hellcat Challenger Already Broke!”

    1. Was gonna say the same thing. The bitch drives like a bat out of hell and this idiot is complaining about a backup camera? Kindly GTFO. You’re not a driver anyhow. Personally I would’ve chosen the 6spd instead of the auto also…

    1. Hahaha….too bad it won’t beat the GT350….and btw..the ZL1 is a Caddy CTSV not a Camaro…oh and the GT350 costs much less.

  1. Did you try to make a left or right turn in it? It is only good in straight line performance!

  2. A MOPAR owner should NOT make a video saying the car is broken when it’s not. Now all the MOPAR haters will make STUPID comments! Haters will hate!

    1. Any car any brand can break sometimes it can be a fluke that guy’s an idiot

  3. What is this home boy drug dealer advertising all the money he makes?

  4. Anything that goes out fast eventually will break or have problems does it make it poor quality these Mopars are build very well just a fact of life

  5. I feel bad for them. Don’t you feel bad for them?? No, I really don’t. More money than sense.

  6. Broke? Really? The camera’s not functioning, and you’re saying the $60k, 707HP race car is broken? Save yourself the trouble here, folks. Go to the next post.

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2 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

Stay home wash your money ...

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It sure takes a lot longer to wash the money than to spend it.

Are you implying to "launder" the money? Asking for a friend.

It's made of cotton and denim

I sprayed mine .

there's enough money laundering done at Mecum & Barrett Jackson LOL

Are you serious? 🤣 spray it with Lysol or something like it. WAIT, could this be considered laundering money?

I put mine in the washing machine

If he would iron it too. Some nice lady might want to keep him.

Government wonts to do away with cash so they can see every thing you buy and cell. So they can tax every thing . They dont like not getting there part of every thing you wrk for.

Just use your bank card like the rest of US 😂 no need to wash CASH

i leave mine in my pants pocket, the throw the pants in the washer. then i have laundered cash

Please. Wash the dishes.

I don't have any money to wash or launder. I wonder what those drug dealers going to do now since they can not go out?

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3 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

Any idea on this bumper guard? ...

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Early 50s GM with license plate lights.

Similar to mid/late 50s Chevrolet Apache pick-up

Well its a rear bumper guard cause of the lience plate light

54 Cadillac

Turn signal built in

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3 weeks ago

Muscle Car Fan

984952 part number, anyone know what GM car this belongs in nos ...

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1955 Pontiac chieftain.

I have some of those too. Never did find out what they go to.

The Logo is Pontiac...

Pontiac the Indian head shown on the box is Pontiac’s logo 👍🏼

1956 Pontiac safari as far as I can find online.

I have no clue but I like it

It goes to the one missing a clock

Chevy impala 65?

64 Bonneville

goole it

Pontiac Aztec

Valiant 65 66

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1 month ago

Muscle Car Fan

1964 Cadillac Convertible for parts at Franks with engine and trans ...

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Hey Pat, if available for parts, does this '64 vert.have the back seat trim like this? Thanks Joe.

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